Saturday, March 20, 2010

30 Seconds of Bliss

The other day I was blissfully happy as I was washing away the grime from the day -- that yucky combination of make-up, dirt, and maybe even some sweat -- off my face.  I then patted dry, applied my nightly moisturizer, and feeling completely clean and refreshed, I looked in the mirror.  Here ends bliss.

No longer did I feel clean and shiny, but deflated, disappointed, and maybe even (gulp!) ugly.  All I could see were my imperfections.  Wrinkles!  Pimples!  Stray eyebrow hairs!  Oh my!  I thought how nice it would feel to be completely clean and beautiful all at the same time -- refreshed, pure, unadulterated.  Ready to face the world.

I guess if this actually happened to many people, the cosmetics companies would be in the toilet.  So, at least I don't feel alone in this place.  I have fellow sufferers, I'm sure of it.

Anyway, I thought how much this contrasted with how God views my heart.  When I confess, when I seek to clean the grime out of my soul, renewal happens.  I am shiny and spotless, completely cleansed by the blood of Jesus.  There are no more blemishes to cover up, no wrinkles left unsmoothed, and my sins are carefully plucked from my heart.  Simply put, I am beautiful in the eyes of God.  In fact, it is when I try to cover up my sins, my beauty becomes tainted and the radiant glow of Christ that shines through me, begins to dim.

Coming to this realization did not make me feel any better about the physical appearance of my face.

However, it did make me realize how differently God operates as opposed to the world.  It did make me pay a bit more attention to the matters of the heart.  I appreciate greatly, the knowledge that I am loved, wholly and completely, by a God who desires righteousness, unconditional love, and selfless kindness.  And He will claim me, blemishes and all.

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