Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Leftovers

I am tired.  Like, really, really tired.  So you are not getting bright-eyed-let's-write-a-new-blog-post-hooray-Jen.  You are getting my leftovers.

This writing thing is honestly harder than it looks, at least for me anyway.  I've spent all week writing and re-writing, throwing my hands up in frustration, and re-writing some more an article for Exemplify Online Magazine.  I've only read one issue since I am new reader, but I highly suggest you check it out.  Anyway, I don't have high hopes for publication, but I thought it would be a good practice experience nonetheless.  (Tell me this again once I've been rejected and you  may not get this same peppy reaction, but anyway...)  So, towards the end of this loooong writing process (it was a week, but felt like a month), I asked my husband to edit it.  I already hear the snickers --  You asked your husband to do what??

In truth, both of us barely survived the experience.  As he was halfway through the editing process, I glanced over at the paper.  I could barely see printer ink!  It was covered in his own handwriting!  I felt as though he had cut a painting of mine into tiny little pieces.  I told him to. put. down. the. pen.  Step away from the essay...SLOWLY.

In the end, I let him finish the editing, but I let him know my displeasure.  The truth was, though, he was right about most things.  Perhaps that was the root all along.  How desperately I just wanted it to be perfect the first time --  not because of the time I wouldn't have to spend rewriting (of course, that would have been nice), but because I just wanted to magically be this natural writer.  Pipe dream!

You'd be proud, though.  I didn't give up.  I rewrote and incorporated most of his suggestions.  But before I submitted the article, I had to write a brief bio.  I really hate writing these things (I had to write one for an article I submitted for Blissfully Domestic.)  I thought you might find what I really wanted to say amusing:

Jen Ferguson is crazy.  Somehow she has this unrealistic belief that during the SUMMER when there is no school, she can still handle two part-time jobs, be the sole childcare provider for her two daughters from 7:30-5:30, juggle their playdates, AND begin a career in writing.  She also attempts to stay in reasonable shape so that when half-marathon training begins she won't lag behind her running partner by 50 paces, pay the bills, go grocery shopping, ferry children to swimming lessons, remember to sign up children for gymnastics, plan a fabulous weekend getaway with husband to celebrate 10 year anniversary, and find good, silent, quality-time with Jesus EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Amen, anyone?

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  1. fyi - even 'natural writers', that depend on writing as their main source of income, have editors.

  2. Hi Jen,
    Thank you for joining Tea Talk this week and for linking this post, too. I can relate to almost everything you said. It's good tobe reminded that I'm not alone in this world. I'm super tired, too. In fact as I'm typing now, my eyelids are heavy, ready to retire. Then, I'm also trying to begin a career as a freelance writer and I've been surfing the net for opportunities to do that. My husband also is my willing editor, strict but not as "ruthless" as yours, haha. He is kind enough to leave spaces for me to see my original work. I am in the middle of a blog project for our charity foundation. It's hard to know what hubby really wants to see in that blog. He has to approve it before I put it on live. I don't know how much will be left when he starts editing that.

    I like the way you write your brief bio. With all your craziness, you still find quality time with Jesus every single day.

    I hope you get more rest and be refreshed. Blessings on your writing career. I'm off to check the links you gave. Thanks!

  3. Even if you are crazy, I still love you.

  4. Sounds like your a regular mom! Good luck with the article!

  5. Hi Jen, coming from CR today. Loved your post and you are a great writer! I love your honesty and humor. And once I asked my husband to edit my work. Once. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend,

  6. There is always something "more" to do, isn't there?

    Remember that good editing makes you a better writer - and for all the ink, your hubby was being a supportive sweetie, helping you find your "best" to submit! (but yeah, I'm with you on wanting it to be perfect the first time, and feeling like any changes are like someone is taking out my insides with a rusty spoon!)

  7. Oh, you make me tired with all that you do! I think you are a great writer and I bet that doors will be open to you at some point. Just always remember, He can make a way, but it will always be in His time. That's the hard part for me. I always enjoy your entries, they bring a smile to my face. Hugs!

  8. A to the M-E-N:o) Loved your post!

  9. Oh yes - amen! Keep on trucking, girl! How funny - I have written for Exemplify and am a contributor at Blissfully Domestic! We are running in the same circles...

    Your bio cracked me up - I'm tired just reading it! But you know what? I'm crazy, too. :)

    Have a great weekend, Jen, and thank you for your kind and encouraging comments on my blog today. I think we might be twin souls! :)

    Have a great weekend and try to take a nap! :)

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  10. I used to ask my husband to edit my stuff, too. I still do on occasion, but he's a pretty good editor. Of course, he's actually a writer by trade, so when he does make suggestions I listen!

    And your bio? Genius.

  11. Joe doesn't read my stuff. He's never even read my dissertation.

    One thing I find helpful as far as coping with rejection is sending out more than one thing at a time. If I have two things out and one is rejected, there is always the other. All of my hopes aren't pinned on one thing. And once I get that rejection, I try to send out the next thing I've been working on as quickly as possible.

    Because honestly, rejection is going to be a part of your life from here on out.

  12. Good for you not giving up!! I really enjoy your writing. I loved what you wrote here for your bio... it's fantastic and honest! Good luck!

    Stopping by from CR... a few days late! ;)


  13. Ok... I guess I am not a few days late... it just seems like I am!! :)


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