Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Light through the Slats

I can’t open the blinds in my bedroom until my bed is made.  I don’t want the world to see my mess.  This is actually a ludicrous thought, as the room is on the second story.

So perhaps, I choose not to let in the light because I know that it will make me deal with the rumpledness sooner than if I just left it in the darkness.

Some days, I choose to leave my room in disarray and shut out the light.  Some days, I crave the light, so I deal with my disorder, one layer at a time.

It’s the same in my spiritual life.  Living my life out loud on this blog has forced me to see my mess.  Writing has uncovered a lot of darkness in my mired heart.  It's not easy to admit my shortcomings, but to write about only the roses doesn't make for such an interesting read.  There you go -- another ulterior motive revealed.  I write about my failings to gain readership.  Have mercy on me, please.

It is fabulous, though, how God can use what I offer, whatever the reason, to pierce through the sin, the ugly places that reside in me.  As I write, I see what God is teaching me, and lest I become a hypocrite, I try to absorb it, understand it, and put it into practice.  To invite this light in, even small rays from the slats of blinds, invites God to take up residence in me, pushing more of the darkness out.


  1. What a beautiful entry, blessed my heart! May God's shining light fill you with His blessings this week!

  2. I love this, I can relate in a big way!

  3. o yes, i too have learned how eye opening writing in a blog can be. we all have to deal with the rumpledness...but, it's good to do so. we help ourselves so much when we are open and honest, and usually help someone else along the way, even if we never know it :)

  4. You've done it again, Jen. I love your humor in dealing with serious issues in life! Now, you made me think of my own mess hidden under my well-made bed :-)

    Hugs and blessings!

  5. So much truth here. I would rather following a blogger who shares openly and honestly about her shortcomings than to appear as if she has it all together. I put my stuff out there. I know the seasons we walk through are used to minister to others.

  6. Wow. I was just thinking the exact thing today. I also like to have the bed made, but sometimes I don't. Making my bed has recently become a habit for me. In the past, sometimes I'd do it and sometimes I wouldn't. It totally relates to my spiritual habits. I have periods where I make quiet time a habit and a priority and other times when it just might not happen. When I do make it a habit and let the light in, sometimes it isn't pretty, but that's sometimes what it is all about. I was just about to blog about something very similar, but now I'm thinking something else. ;)

  7. Who can relate to an all-the-time-rosy person anyway? Dealing with real issues and bringing your readers back to Christ will help you connect in an authentic way. Blogging forces me to deal with my issues in a biblical way, because I realize just airing all my dirty laundry doesn't make for very good reading.

    You're doing great. You have a wonderful start and I always look forward to reading your posts.



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