Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Little Friday Fun

Andrea did this last week at Under Grace Over Coffee for Caffeinated Randomness and I thought it would be a good break from serious posts.  Here's lots of random stuff you can learn about me!

Maybe I should actually take a day off.  My kids have been at camp since Wednesday and I promised myself that Friday would be a day without work.  I know I won't keep this promise, but I would probably benefit me more than I know.

I love the times that God gives me answers before I even know to ask the questions.

People should know that I'm very focused.  Sometimes this can come across as rude, but I'm really not trying to be.  I'm just efficient.

I don't understand how people cannot watch Friday Night Lights.  It is simply the best TV show there is.

When I wake up in the  morning um...well, I'm just a big grump.  Especially when my 4 year old comes in screaming, MMMMOOOOMMMYYYY at the top of her lungs.  Even when it's said in joy, it just doesn't come across that way first thing in the morning.

I lost my some of my hearing when I was young.  This does help slightly with the screaming in the  morning, but unfortunately, not enough.

Life is full of surprises.  Some good, some bad.  Just gotta roll with the punches.

My past is full of rainbows.  There were lots of storms, but the sun always peeked through the clouds eventually.  God never wastes anything.

I get annoyed when people drive slow in the fast lane.  This always happens when I am late.  Always.

Parties are tiring for us introverts.

I wish I had more ability to sing.  I think it would be so freeing to just belt out a song and have it come out sounding pretty, or at least somewhat decent.

Tomorrow I am repainting  my adirondack chairs -- lime green.  It's good to be bold.

I have low tolerance for whining. 

I am totally terrified of sharks.  And yet, every year I anxiously await for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.  They really are beautiful creatures -- at a distance.  A very far distance. Like me on the couch and them in the ocean kind of distance.

I wonder why I have to have pimples, even when we are 32!

Never in my life have I said "no" to watching a James Bond movie.  I love James.

High school was on the whole, pretty darn fun.

When I'm nervous I sweat.  A lot.

One time at a family gathering I pretended to know everything about The Pogues so I could look cool to my cousins.  The only reason I actually even knew who they were is because my boyfriend (now husband) had one of their CDs.  I didn't actually listen to them.

Take my advice:  It's not worth it to hurt someone just because they hurt you first.

Making my bed makes my bedroom look so much more cozy.

I am almost always listening to what someone is NOT saying.  

I'm addicted to chai lattes.  It used to be Dr. Pepper, but at least tea is a bit healthier.

I want someone to invent a "easy" button for home improvement projects.  Just dream it and it's done!

Have a fabulous weekend and check out Home Sanctuary (Rachel's back!) and Under Grace and Over Coffee for more caffeinated randomness!


  1. *Love* the idea of the lime green chairs! And I agree with you entirely about the parties - for some people, they need others to be energized, for me, I end up exhausted after all that interaction!

  2. I so enjoyed your "randomness" today. My daughter is 31 and still wonders why she has pimples too. How funny! I assured her that she would eventually grow out of them. :o) You are so right, God does NOT waste a thing! Hugs to you for a great week-end!

  3. Love your list. Here's my comments on some. =p I wouldn't even know what to do with a day off. We'll have to hang out. =p I'm the same way when I'm focused. How about people who drive slow when they obviously drive "fast" cars? I love parties, but yup, I'm also an introvert. Much better at one-on-ones. I would love to sing well. I can't stand whining. I have to make the bed every morning. The chaos of an unmade bed makes my head spin. And thanks for stopping by. I should have asked for a photo with the cop. =p He could have been famous! hehe

  4. So true about the parties and introverts. And the slow driving thing...ahhhh! I cannot handle it ;)

    And completely agree about FNL! I read an interview yesterday with Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler about the ending of the show and it made me so sad. I cannot believe the final season has wrapped and we have to wait so long. So glad we still have 1 season left though! I am playing catch up on hulu because I missed the last few weeks because of different things. I want to stretch it out.....

    I love what you said about the rainbows in your life. Beautiful.

  5. My 36 yr old daughter also questions her acne....I love tea...but never tried chai tea...I'm also addicted to pepsi...I really need to give it up....the only thing worse than whining little kids is whining teens! I'm afraid I whimped out and got nice thick comfy cushions for our Adirodacks!

  6. I love this post. I also love your blog description! Beautifully written!
    PS we have the same nervous habit :) shhhh!!

  7. when i was in college i would always take my friend to the fraternity parties because she wanted to go and meet the guys, and i would be soooooo hating it being there. frat parties are not for introverts....
    we like sharks, but we live in indiana so it's safe to like sharks here! we are currently on a jaws marathon in this house :)-- scary!!!
    you are way cooler than me, because i have never even heard of the pogues. but, i dont really get out much! haha!
    have a great weekend :)

  8. I like reading these kinds of posts. I'm with ya on the slow drivers, parties being tiresome for introverts (I want to retreat to my room after a short while...unless the conversation is lively and I'm involved in it.)

    I find myself listening (or feeling like I'm eavesdropping) most of the time. Not that I don't have anything to say or add, but it that I don't HAVE to talk. Anywho...

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Hello Jen!

    I was here on Thursday but wasn't able to leave a note.

    I enjoy reading your posts. I love the way you look at life and ho you respond to its challenges. You are very honest in writing what you feel and think, and I like how you put them in words.

    Blessings to you my friends. I love to see your photo in my thumbnails every Thursday. Your smile brings more sunshine to our Tea Talk gathering.


  10. First time here and I like what you said under The Reason to Blog. Yes, sometimes it is nice to write when you know someone is connecting with what you are saying and commenting back.

    Oh, and ps I agree and often wonder, really pimples in my 30's?

  11. Love this list, Jen! How funny! I just might have to do this on Friday but will credit you of course...

    I am totally with you on the pimples - I am almost 37 and they still pop up! :(

    Lime green adirondacks? Love it.

    And lastly, I am a compulsive bed-maker...:)

    Super fun to read!

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  12. People probably drive slowly in the fast lane when you aren't in a hurry also, you just don't notice it as much!

    Oh and yeah, parties are exhausting for us introverts. Totally agree.


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