Monday, September 20, 2010

Get Moving

Here is this month's article for Blissfully Domestic.  It's the last in the 3 part series about food addiction.  Here's a little teaser to get you to follow me over there!

It’s probably on everyone’s New Year’s Resolution list at least once in their lifetime:  eat healthier (or less) and exercise more.  When it comes time to implement these resolutions, grand plans begin to develop in our heads.  We start planning to work out five days a week for forty-five minutes at a time.  We will do cardio, intervals, and lift weights.  We will lace up our running shoes and hit the pavement, confident that we can run a breezy mile.  We wake up the first day.  We hit the gym or the road.  We start trying to achieve our goals and we realize that it is…hard.  We can run for three minutes, far short of that glorious mile, before our heart rate picks up and our lungs begin to gasp for more air.  We stop.  We fail.  The resolution goes out the window…until next year when we decide to start again.

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  1. OK, the part about wanting to beat your running partner?? You didn't mention that your running partner also writes all your training plans! JK! LOL!! ;) Great article, Jen. I'm just now catching up with all your Sept. blogs. I finally found a little time to blog myself. Oh, and your art is fantastic! I have musical talent, but my visual arts talent ended sometime back in elementary school. :) It will be fun to do the wine and painting thing. Your painting will be excellent!

  2. I'm going to go check out the rest. Great "teaser!" I'm so bad at the follow-through.

  3. Hi, Jenn. I'm Jennifer! Saw you on SITS...and I am currently having the battle described in your post. Ugggghhh...

    So I'm following you now cause I know you are going to come back and post some miracle cure for saddlebags. right?

    Come check my place out too when you get a chance!


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