Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jesus is not a Drive-Thru

Sandy Cooper at her fabulously wonderful blog, God Speaks Today, asked me to write a guest post.  It is deliriously fun to be featured on someone else's blog and I would love for you to head over there to check out my post, but also hers.  She wrote an excellent one on Monday that really spoke to me.  She quotes C.S. Lewis, so you know it's gonna be good.

Here is a teaser to lure you into clicking on the link...and yes, it really is called Jesus is Not a Drive-Thru.

Material things.
An orderly, clean house.
Worldly acclamation.
What’s the common denominator?  They are all things I have used to fill the void in my heart.
Seeing the words written out on the page is shocking.  Really? I think.  I put my trust in a twenty year-old boy?  in chocolate chip cookies?  in picture frames from Target?  In the number of followers on my blog?  How desperate does a girl get?
The boy gave me butterflies and made me feel attractive.  The food made me full in the face of emptiness.  The material objects made me feel new and excited.  The order in my house was my way of exerting control over the disorder I felt in my head.  Most recently, the number of comments and followers made me feel worthy.  Explained that way, perhaps you can see how sneaky those traps are, how it easy is to fall for the immediacy of their pleasure, no matter how superficial or cheap. 
I have learned, though, that instant high is exactly that – the opposite of long-lasting, eternal.  It is a quick fix and I am left longing for something so much more...
Okay -- now get over there, already! Click here.


  1. And it is "deliriously fun" to have such talented writers as YOU guest posting on my blog.

    I am honored to know you.


  2. Jen, what a well written, spirit filled, convicting article. Thank you for sharing about a topic so real, that many will relate to.

    For too long, I have turned to "things" to fill the void only One can fill.

    Hope you have a blessed day,

  3. Jen, you are "wise beyond your years!" My goodness, what an awesome post that this 58 year old woman needed to read. The world is continously throwing things our way to build our trust on and we as Christians know that HE is all we need and nothing this world affords can compare. But, it is a daily struggle for sure! Always, always enjoy my visits. The only thing better would be to sit down with you in person. :o) Smiles and Hugs!

  4. Jen, I just discovered your blog and am so thankful that I did. I must admit that I am a bit overwhelmed by the depth of that post, mainly because it caught me red handed. Thank you for the reality (or heavenly) check. I am a new follower.


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