Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday's Tea

1. I'm having a chai latte in my handmade mug.  My sweet friend, Emily, has her own ceramic painting business.  I took the kids in one day to paint birthday presents for their grandmothers and painted a tea cup for me.  Now, it is very hard to concentrate on my own artwork when a 4 & 6 year old are also painting.  Thus, my mug is not near the perfect piece of art that I wish it would have been, but it reminds me that as a person, I will never be as perfect as I wish I could be either.
2.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything that I have going on.  Often I forget that all those little things that I commit to, things that seem no big deal at the time, all add up, increase my stress level, and sometimes seriously deplete my joy. 

3. On my mind is my blog post for tomorrow.  On Tuesday, it seemed that the grief over the loss of my grandmother in April settled into my heart again.  While writing about it will be freeing, it's also a process of feeling the anguish that comes with losing someone I love.

Even hundredfold grief is divisible by love.  ~Terri Guillemets

I've linked up with Ruth at Celebrate Friendship.  Stop in with a cup of tea and join in the friendship.


  1. Hi Jen,

    Good morning greetings from Manila where I have a 2-hour lay over. I have an hour to kill at the airport. I'm thankful for the free wi-fi. I enjoyed your tea post. Thank you for showing your beautiful mug, and the lovely quote. I pray that the Lord will continue to comfort you as you grieve over your loss.


  2. Jen, Grief is so strange. It comes in waves and we just never know when it will wash over us, especially the first year following their death. My Mom died in Dec.08 and the first year was soooo difficult. It will get easier with the passing of time, but life is never the same.

    Have a wonderful week-end! Hugs!

  3. I think your ceramic mug is just perfect! Praying for God's continued comfort as you walk through your loss.


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