Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Funny Bad Hair Days

No, untangling this mess is not my simple pleasure.  Believe me, I let her tackle this one herself.

My husband took this picture of my sweet 4 year-old on Tuesday morning.  I kinda imagine her saying, "Go ahead, make my day."  Literally, her hair stood up on end with the aid of no hair spray, gel, or any other concoction.  Too bad this didn't happen on Halloween -- she looked scary enough without a costume.  Anyway, as mad as she looks in this picture, she actually spent the next 15 minutes rolling her eyes upwards, trying to see her hair sticking out.  When most of us would wake up complaining about an impossibly bad hair day, here she was making a game of it -- and eliciting uproarious laughter.  

This is going to sound really trite, but I'm going to say it anyway -- it never ceases to amaze me how easy it is for kids to revel in the simple pleasures of this life:  to have fun when things are a little off kilter instead of rushing to get things back into a perfect balance, to stoop down to pick a lone flower instead of just dismissing it as a weed, to find joy in the unexpected instead of just lamenting about how it has messed up my routine. 

I've been writing a lot about how God has asked me to lay down things that have been part of my life for several years.  There is a myriad of reasons for this, I think, but one of them has to be so that I can be more childlike, so that I can actually take a few guilt-free moments to enjoy one of the many simple pleasures that abound in this world.  He has given me so many sweet gifts of beauty and light and I simply don't take the time to really see them.

Here's to simple pleasures and finding yours today.

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  1. Oh my goodness. Your little girl is absolutely beautiful. She doesn't look scary to me at all. She is a darling. Susan

  2. Oh my gosh, that hair is too great. I love it!

  3. You know many teens would love for their hair to look just like your little girl's did in the picture and spend many hours trying to style it that way.So very cute!

  4. She is soooooooo cute, crazy hair and all!!!! There is much to be said for simple pleasures :)

  5. Hi, I'm bj over from Simple Pleasures..
    Your baby is adorable...sticking-up hair and all.:)

    I have to say that I believe God sent my 10 grandkids to me to make ME more childlike in my thinking, behaving, feelings.....and I am so blessed. We have 2 children and never, in a hundred years, would have thought we would be blessed enuf to have 10 grands from those 2 wonderful kids. :))
    Oh, and I am your newest follower..Pls. stop by sometime..would love to have ya.
    xo bj

  6. oops, your FOLLOW ME thingy isn't working.:(

  7. Jen, what a precious little girl you have. I happen to love her bad-hair-day look... so innocent. You're so right about children being able to appreciate simple things in life. I guess that's another reason Jesus said we must become as little children in order to make it to heaven. :)

  8. Oh yes!! Children have many wonderful things to teach us - God bless the sweet little ones who keep us smiling and finding the happy place :-) blessings..Trish

  9. Smiling from ear to ear this morning as I see that precious little picture!! I very much agree with you about God wanting us to be more child like. A child notices often feels joy because he has seen for the first time what we've been trotting by without notice for 20 years.

  10. Even having a "bad hair day" she still looks angelic. Love the photo.


  11. Love the hair and she is a doll !!! love your simple pleasure

  12. So true. We all could use some more childlike qualities in our adult lives. Great pic to go with this great post. Blessings!

  13. I LOVE my boys crazy bed heads - especially the morning after a nighttime bath! We call them "horns" and sometimes we have unicorns, vikings, or just a crazy rooster thingy going on. I've never though about it, but it IS one of our simple pleasures! What a great post! Linking up today, too...

  14. It doesn't sound trite. Actually, I think it is a wonderful observation that would help us all to pay attention to.
    And her hair is adorable (in the whole "glad I didn't have to tackle that" way).


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