Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Two of my dear bloggy friends are hosting very FUN, FESTIVE link-ups today.  And so I didn't have to choose between the two, I have figured out a way to combine both into one post!

Michelle, at Lost in the Prairies is the sweet hostess of Caffeinated Randomness.  During the Christmas/Advent season, her meme is about favorite things about Christmas.  Christy at Critty Joy is the wonderful hostess of Christmas Party Fridays and her meme this week focuses on favorite Christmas recipes and/or yummy food traditions.  As some of you may know, I love to eat, but hate to cook, so I'll be sticking with the food traditions and easy recipes only here. 

{1} No-Bake Cookies.  They do require a saucepan, but no oven.  Oh, and I never make mine with peanut butter, but I roll them in powdered sugar at the end.  Here's a link to a recipe for you since I'm too lazy to get my cookbook.  (Hey, it's getting late here!)
Photo credit:  The Washington Times
{2} Monkey Bread & Egg, Sausage, and Cheese Casserole.  This IS the Christmas morning breakfast.  My mom always makes the casserole, so I can only vaguely tell you how to do that, but I am the new queen of monkey bread making.  Grannie gave me the title after she became too sick to make it.  And now, since she is not here anymore, I have her bundt pan.  It's old.  It's scratched.  It's ugly.  But it makes monkey bread like no other.  Seasoned with love?
Photo credit: Luscious
{3} Speaking of Grannie, several years ago, she gave me her complete silver set.  This Thanksgiving since we celebrated at our house, I pulled it all out and set a beautiful table.  I'm going to use it for Christmas, too, just so I can touch the same things she did.  It's the little things, you know?
Photo credit: me!
{4} My husband's sister and her family live only about 5 minutes away from us, so for many years, we have celebrated together on Christmas Eve.  We usually make something that can cook in a crock-pot while we are at church so we can feed the kids and get them ready for bed at a decent hour (because I want to go to bed before dawn and there is always a few things I Santa needs to do before hitting the sack.)  Anyway, a few years ago, my husband's best friend (since they were 3 years old) and his family moved into our neighborhood from Louisiana.  They started joining us.  This year, we will also add some of their visiting guests.  I love the fact that it is such a hodge-podge of people.  Anyone is welcomed, if they can take all the noisy kids, that is!  This year's menu:  Baked Potato Soup, salad, bread, and wine.  Dessert?  Jesus' birthday cake, of course!
Christmas Eve 2009

I'm also linking up with the Company Girls at Home Sanctuary, too.  Such fun groups of friends everywhere!




  1. I adore those cookies and must make them this year...I have 2 friends I meet on Christmas night for a movie date and one of them LOVES those cookies...I know they will make her happy.

    I love hearing about your favorite things. Your silver is beautiful and that birthday cake for Jesus made me smile! How precious.

    I am so glad you joined the fun today!


  2. I find no bake cookies with no peanut butter sad. Because life without peanut butter would be it simply MUST go into everything it could even remotely belong in.

  3. Thanks for linking up with us Company Girls today. Loved reading about your favorite things. I love the Jesus Birthday cake and your Thanksgiving table looks like it was beautifully set. Hope you have a wonderful holiday :)~Michelle

  4. I love your silver ware. When my great grandmother passed away before I was married, she bequeathed to me a silver place setting that she received from cousins in Scotland when she married my great grandfather. I was privileged to receive this set when I got married. The silver set is only brought out on special occasions (Thanksgiving, Christmas or when we actually have people over for dinner.). Your favourite things are lovely.

  5. My nana left me her good china set when she was still alive...when she left us then it was all the more important to me. I love setting the table with it on special occasions. I've never tried monkey bread before.....sounds delicious and intriguing!

  6. I'm officially very hungry!!!

    My second oldest makes Monkey Bread as often as she can.

  7. Thanks for stopping by. It is actually hubby's cousin's daughter's birthday that we celebrated. It was such a good time.

    I was just thinking about monkey bread today and even got my bundt cake pan out!!! I am curious about that casserole though. =)

  8. Oh, Monkey Bread is a Christmas morning tradition here at our house. And, the No Bake cookies, heard about them all my life, but never tried them. Just may have to do that,but I seem to always be stirring up another pot of fudge. :o)

    Happy, happy weekend!

  9. Your Christmas Eve sounds like SO much fun!! I'm a little thrown too by the peanut butter-less no-bake cookies. Unfathomable! There would be a riot in my house if I tried that. I'm intrigued, though!

  10. Ah, can you share the monkey bread recipe? I've never had it!!!

  11. Yes, I'm with Alicia! I want the recipe - I've had it and it's delicious but I have a feeling yours is extra special since it's from your Grannie. :) And the silverware? I love it and would completely do the same thing. It IS the little things that keep them alive and praise God for that, right?

    No Bakes are my absolute favorite, too.

    And I love your hodgepodge of people - that is exactly what it's all about! :)

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  12. Love the no-bake cookies! Will most certainly have to try the recipe! Found you through Company Girl!! enjoyed your blog! :)

  13. We are all about Monkey Bread and Egg Casserole on Christmas too!

    I love the Jesus Birthday cake too. Christmas Eve at your house sounds just perfect.

  14. Hi, Jen! We've been making the no-bakes for decades... can't imagine them without peanut butter, though. Do you replace it with anything else?

    I currently have both my mom's silverware (from the early 1950s) and HER mother's silverware (from the early 1920s) at our house. I do love that connection with the past, and with loved ones.


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