Monday, December 20, 2010

Perhaps It's Perfect Just the Way It Is & Soli Deo Gloria Link-up

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I don't know if you have seen the latest Chronicles of Narnia movie, The Dawn Treader, but there was one scene that really got me thinking.

In the scene, Lucy, who has torn out a page from The Book of Incantations, recites the spell to make her beautiful.  Lo and behold, Lucy's image of beauty is the image of her sister, Susan.  She looks into the mirror, sees herself transformed into her older sister, pushes open the mirror, which then envelopes her into a world in which she no longer exists.  Her brothers in this world know nothing of Lucy, of Narnia, or even of Aslan.  She realizes her mistake, cries out, and then suddenly, it is just her and Aslan.  Aslan talks to her in the mirror and what he says brings her to this conclusion:  Wishing she was like her sister meant that she wished herself away. Wishing herself away meant that her siblings never would come to know Narnia, nor Aslan.  Her life and their lives -- a completely different story.

I am simply terrible (terrible!) at remembering movie lines so of course, the very words that pierced my soul are lost and I cannot share them with you.  However, the premise of the scene, the idea that settled into my heart is this -- God has created us each perfectly according to His plan.  If we were created differently, our entire story would change.  Is that something that we want to risk?  Would I want to re-write my story just to be more beautiful, a faster runner, a smarter gal who could make more money, do more things, see more of the world?  What would I have had to trade for those other gifts?

What have I lamented about my life?  What have I wished I could have changed?

I remember spending probably half my life overweight -- especially in high school and college.  But if I was slender then, I know I would have gotten in trouble -- I probably would have still been just as insecure and willing to latch onto whatever boy crossed my path.  It was good that there were only a few boys...

Have you ever wished there was something you could change about yourself that was simply inherent?  Can you imagine how your life would have been different had your wishes come true?  Would different necessarily been better?

Merry Christmas, sweet friends!


  1. even the hard times i've been through, i wouldn't want to change. they've made me who i am. now, if you had asked me at the time....

  2. we are seeing the movie on Wednesday...this is probably my favorite book though i've read the whole series several times...we listened to the book on cd on the LONG way's a little different than the book, but she comes to the same conclusion...

    since i am an identical twin, i was always compared and it just happens...we had different styles (or i had none;) and she was the pretty one and i was the smart one...i do see how it is a part of it, but sometimes think I still cannot believe i am the pretty/beautiful one too and so that part is hard...

    really great post Jen!

  3. This is such a beautiful post Jen...and a wonderful reminder because I know so many of us could use this....I know I can! I struggle with this at times and must remember what He says about me first and foremost.

    I am sure we will be seeing this one on our annual Christmas night at the movies. I cannot wait.

    Merry Christmas <3

  4. Hi, Jen and Friends!
    Today I have a book on my heart. It's a novel called The God Hater, by Bill Myers. In it, an atheist gets involved in a supercomputer experiment and finds himself questioning his own skepticism. It's a fun read, but I believe this book is also extremely important! I review it briefly on my blog under the page "...And Writers Read" but I suggest you go to Myers' own website to see more about it:

    I have read the Chronicles of Narnia series but don't remember this bit about Lucy's discontent. Looking forward to seeing the film! Thanks for yet another thought-provoking post, Jen!

  5. I am wanting to take Grace to see this I am even more excited. I still wish myself away sometimes sad to say. She saw her often we too might see our sister, best friend, tv person instead of the beautiful heart that God knitted together...silly humans:) thanks Jenn and merry Christmas to your family!

  6. Jen, well said, and so very true. I haven't seen the movie yet, but my parents have and they said it was really good. I've also heard that like all the other Narnia stories there is a deep spiritual lesson.

    There are many things about me that I wish were different, but they make me who I am.

    Thanks Jen, this was a great lesson and something I can take with me and remind myself of when I'm wishing I were different.

  7. wow, yah, you knwo it does make one think about what life would be if you would have done this differently or gone down another path other than the one you are on. And on many occasions I think what it would be like to look, act, be, someone different than I am. This makes one feel a little more settled with who God made one to be for sure. Thanks Jen!

  8. Ah, so creative and beautiful. I, like you, see so many correlations to movies, books, etc. that remind me of our awesome God.

    I have not seen this series but now I want to do so - I do love me some C.S. Lewis. And yes, who hasn't wished they were someone different from who they are? I'm definitely in that category and often have to repeat that I am "fearfully and wonderfully made" and was knit together in my mother's womb to be exactly who I am - the good, the bad and the ugly.

    Beautiful words, dear. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  9. Jen,
    Great question. So many times I've wished some of the trials I've endured weren't there. . .that my life was just smooth and uncomplicated, but I know that isn't me. I know I understand more about God, and people, and love because I've perservered through difficult times.

    I MUST see the movie. Merry Christmas, girl. Thanks for creating such an amazing place for all of us to share.

  10. Ok, is it me or are this week's posts especially good?

  11. I'm so glad you've shared this, I've been wanting to see the new Narnia, but it's hard with a 6 month old. I'll try to keep this in the back of my mind this week, great post.

  12. Another inspiring, profound post Jen! Enjoy these next few days and make a lot of special memories!

  13. Haven't seen the movie yet, but need to. Soon! So many thoughts here, the laments, the regrets. Lovely reminder that God knows our weaknesses, our broken places, and calls us to follow Him and offer ourselves in our brokenness.

    Thank you for continuing to invite us here to your place. Blessings to you for a beautiful Christmas celebration. Emmanuel!

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