Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Simple Pleasures: Joy in Waiting

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Yesterday was so different.

I was constantly in the car, rushing from place to place, last minute items on my to-do list popping up in my brain, just in the nick of time so I could do this or that before picking up a child, or two.  I backed out of parking spots too quickly, I sped, I weaved too much, in and out of traffic lanes (Why must you travel 5 mph below the speed limit? I shouted at innocent cars).  At the house, it was a frantic dance to get out of town presents wrapped, boxed, and address, so that perhaps Hannah and I could avoid the long lines at the post office the next day.  Then it was dinner, homework, the bedtime routine.  A few more little things of work tidied up, a few more emails answered, a phone call to make.

And then, there was silence and I could muster only enough energy to simply turn on the TV and let my brain go numb for a bit while watching Bourne Identity for the 30th time.

These do not sounds like simple pleasures, and no, they are not.  My simple pleasure is the stark contrast between yesterday and the pace my life has been humming along with since God has begun the process of pruning activities.  At the end of the day, I sat back, realizing that I had lived my life at that breakneck speed almost every day.  No wonder I was normally grumbley, cranky, tired all the time.  I was continually ruled by the clock, not guided by God.  Time was my master, productivity was the game.  I found that even when I wasn't in a hurry, I remained stuck in the hurry-up mentality.  Thus, there was little room (or time) for His voice.  I had a plan, you see. 

But now, most days, I have time to wait to listen to see what God has planned for my day.  And, on some days, I can even find joy in that waiting.  Usually waiting makes me anxious. I keep peering around the corner, ready to see the next thing, do the next activity, engage in the next process.  But, right now, it's not about the next.  It's about the now.  In the waiting, I can take advantage of the peace, joy, and love that He gives me, His palm brimming with good gifts that I would have missed if I had kept looking to the beyond.

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  1. It is delightful, Jen, during this busy season, to remember our choice to intentionally be quiet and find rest. Thanks for the great reminder.


  2. What a beautiful entry! And, there's nothing better than just "being still and knowing." And, we can't do that if we are in constant motion. The world drives us to constant motion but God drives us to find stillness with Him. Sounds like to me that you are definitely on the right track dear.

    Blessings galore to you!

  3. Waiting in good. Waiting in silence and peace is even better. Thanks for the reminder! Susan

  4. Thanks for the encouragement to be at rest in God.
    The clock reminds me of how I feel at times too. Our minds go too fast!

  5. So true, Jen. To find joy in the waiting is such a gift! May your Christmas indeed be filled with 'the peace, joy and love brimming from His palm'!! Christmas blessings to you and yours..Trish

  6. This sounds so much like me..especially the driving..this was great timing because today I was asking Him to help me with time management so I can be better at the tasks He has set before me. Thank you, Jen!

  7. Jen, this speaks to many, I'm sure. Life is often lived so fast we lose the joy of the "now," as you put it.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  8. Yes, peacefully waiting is a wonderful simple pleasure.

  9. Waiting ....its hard ..this verse come to my mind Isaish 40 31

  10. Yes!! This is wonderful.

    "I wait on the LORD, my soul doth wait..."

  11. Thank You for the reminder to be still and wait for The Lord to lead us in the way He wants us to go. God bless, Barb

  12. I saw your comment on Sits this morning...and I just had to agree. Christmas for me isn't about what I'm getting or wanting. And truly, I don't want anything. I only want for everyone to have peace.

  13. Hi Jen. Great post. I also saw your SITS comment and agree as well. It's really not about obtaining more things but appreciating what and more importantly who is in your life now. Merry Christmas to you and yours. =-)


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