Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood & A Moment of Spewing

First of all...

Welcome  my dear, sweet girls!  So glad you are here today to share your heart.  If you are new to to Soli Deo Gloria, please click "here" to read about the heart behind this meme and to get the guidelines.   Don't forget to grab the button so that people who visit your blog will know where to find us in case they would like to share their hearts, too.


On Friday, I had a bit of a meltdown.  I literally could not take one more hit, jump, or yell, so I banished the kids to their room until their dad came home.  Please don't think too badly of me -- Craig arrived home a mere 15 minutes later (thank goodness) and just the presence of another parental figure allowed me to take a deep breath and continue on.

But, in those fifteen minutes, I had to let something blow, so I grabbed a notebook and just started writing.  I am posting this, unedited, raw, and perhaps not very good piece of writing just in the name of realness.

Who are You?
Who do you say that I Am?
You wrestle with my soul.
You fight for Your glory.
You are the bestower of joy.
You are light in the dark.
A counselor, a lover, the balm
That heals my wounds.
A refiner that does not hesitate
To take me at my word:
Less of me, more of You, I plead,
Although I am unsure what that really entails.
I plead for escape, desperate for a different purpose,
But You keep me pressing on,
Pressing in, until I am
Pressed flat,
Unable to give another drop.
And then, some way, somehow,
You rescue me, but not in the way that I imagine.
The world is not fixed, the children not placated,
The woes still very real.
Rescued nonetheless from the
Emptiness, from the
Dryness, from the depths of
You rise in me.
A sense of hope, a ray of brightness,
A fullness that can only be knows as JOY.
You never fail.
You come.
In all Your glory and in Your glory alone,
You come.


  1. Oh I think this is beautiful Jen!

    He comes. Praise Him.

    I have been thinking a lot about how He rescues us. Something is stirring in my heart about it. What I have no clue.

    You spoke directly to my heart with so much of this...it echoed some of my own thoughts and feelings.

    It so helps to know we are not alone. So thank you for sharing this my sister.

    Hugs and LOVE!

  2. Ah yes, siblings. I have two items on my list for the hardware store. Rope and duct tape. You see, Christmas vacation starts at weeks.

    Your list resonated with me..I'd easily be able to sign my name at the bottom of this very list. Thank you for sharing. I'll link up in the morning.

  3. I hear you, Jen. Really, I have been there so many times. Your prayer -- really, that's what it is, I think -- is true and beautiful. Thanks for hosting the link-up today...

  4. This is gorgeous...I love raw when it comes to writing and my poetry is the most raw and the stuff I've written through tears and pain...the desperate seeking and this. is. Who. He. is!

    Thanks for blessing us all with your honest, desperate for Him heart:)

  5. I just wanted to keep saying, "Amen, Amen, Amen..." It was raw, so good...You always have a way of making me feel like I am right there with you. I could relate so much!

  6. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Real. So identifying to me as well.

    We have ALL been there. My kids have been in their rooms for longer than 15 minutes just so you know. That doesn't make you a bad mommy - that makes you a good mommy who knows her own limitations and when she is about to blow and instead of blowing, you protect your children by sending them to their room for a bit to have a "change of heart" as we call it at the Snapp house. :)

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  7. oh. yes. the i-can't-take-another-minute prayer. praise god that his mercies are new every morning! awesome writing in that time, jen.

  8. very inspiring, i'm a new follower. i must confess though, i linked up thinking it was for any inspirational post so if you could unlink me that's be great, i may repost doing it now that i understand

  9. Yeah - I know that moment well :) I didn't link up today, but I'll be back next week! I love this, as always! :)

  10. Jen, thanks for the sweet comment.

  11. Whew...coming to the party a little late!

    My favorite line? "I plead for escape, desperate for a different purpose." Oh, aren't we all? Desperate for that purpose.

    Yes, untitled. Yes, raw, but you are wrong about it not being very good.


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