Saturday, December 11, 2010

Words from a Dear Friend

My friend, Allison, recently posted this note on Facebook.  As I read it, the words resonated in my heart, God's voice became clear, and I was at peace in the midst of the turmoil that has been rolling around in my head the last few days.

You see, I have been a woman without a plan.  And this woman, has NEVER been without a plan.  I keep asking God what the purpose of all these blog posts.  Am I going anywhere with this?  Will I ever publish words on actual paper?  Will I be called for something more?  How are You going to use all this?


Well, not really.  He's speaking, but just not the words that I think I want to hear.  He's saying things like:


Glorify Me.

Enjoy what you have now.

Don't worry.

Don't plan.

Don't project.

When, I read Allison's words today, it all sunk in.  I pray that you  might be blessed by her words as well.
So I got a new GPS app for my phone (that speaks!).  I was using it the other day and was quite annoyed to find out that, since I bought a very cheap app, it would not let me zoom out and see which route it would lead me on. If I could not see the big picture, how in the world could I trust that it would take me the correct way? GPS's are often wrong.  How could I put myself blindly in it's control? As I dealt with my annoyance and lack of trust, I realized I was not in a hurry and it might be a good exercise for me to deal with my control issues. So I drove, turning when it said to turn, eventually relaxing into enjoying my journey a bit as I let go of knowing the big picture and just following it's instructions. 

Then it hit me, I do this "need for control thing" to God every day! It's hard to live life not knowing the big picture. None of us does. Not knowing the big picture can make it quite difficult to know when and where to turn, and WHY. But if I am still and listen, and if I give over the right to be in control and to know why, God does let me know what the next turn will be. Unlike my GPS, He's actually NEVER been wrong (what I have chosen to do with His directions is where the problems cropped up). If I take a turn that's a less direct route toward my destination, He stays with me and gently "recalculates" without the annoyance in his voice I swear I hear in my GPS. Sometimes I have to turn off all the noise in my life to "hear" His gentle voice telling me to turn, just like I have to turn the radio off to hear my cheapo GPS. So my challenge now is, how to relax in the journey and enjoy the scenery, finding peace in the midst of the traffic, and roadblocks? I believe I find it one turn at a time.



  1. ugh...i just typed a long comment and left forgetting i had to type the code! well, i'm persistent!

    loved this! thanks for'll hear more this week in link up (if we do it--i hope we do!) and now i see 'move a family over an ocean to a completely different world. i will be with you.' but i fight so wanting more...

  2. Jen, what insight huh? This is so true, us control freaks have the hardest time with allowing God to be God. We want to know the beginning and the end when He is the only one who does. This is soooooo good! I don't want to make any wrong turns and sometimes for me this means fear so I hold back too much and then life just kind of gets by without being courageous and being Radical of the things that He would have me to do.
    Great post Jen! Have a great Sunday!

  3. Jen,
    It's funny. I hadn't even read this post before I asked you about your writing in my email. Interesting timing.

  4. Oh, I've really struggled with this "big picture" thing lately. Through it the Lord has ONCE again reminded me to trust Him that He really does have it all under control. It seems to be a constant battle for me because I so want to be in control and know what lies ahead. But, thank goodness, that is not a part of His plan. Therefore, I WILL trust him! Love you!


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