Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Simple Pleasures: Back on the Big Bike

About three weeks ago, my darling 5 year old daughter wanted to take the 16 inch bike for a spin instead of of hopping on her regular 12 inch bike.  She's a short little chick, but she got on and got  She was confident, proud, ready.

Then, the weekend came and while my husband was working on his workbench, Hannah got the bike out. All was going along swimmingly until she fell.  Hard.  Like you could hear the sound of the kneecap and concrete colliding several yards away.

All wounds seemed superficial, except the one to her self-confidence.  All of the sudden, after the big crash, she was consumed by fear, of getting hurt, of falling again.  She pulled the big purple bike back into the garage and dragged out the little pink one.  That one is too big for me.  I'm just not comfortable on it.  I might get hurt. It didn't matter how much I cajoled, how much I tried to build her back up, how I downplayed the injuries.  She was going back to what was safe.

And then, 2 days ago, it was actually warm and we ventured outside.  She again dragged out the pink bike, road it around the driveway a few times, and came back into the garage.  She hopped off the little bike, looked at the purple bike, and proudly declared:

I'm ready.

Onto the purple bike her leg swung.  She found the pedals and off she rode.  Around and around, down the sidewalk, and back again.  With each pedal, with each gain of speed, with each ounce of wind blowing through her silky blonde hair, her confidence rose.  She became comfortable.  She felt safe.  And even after a few small spills, there was no turning back.  She had been convinced by what she could do.  She knew what it meant to fly.  There was so much more to experience.

And so, I hear God speaking to me through this little modern-day parable.  His soft voice whispers, The dream I have for you is not too big.  It may seem not to fit just right.  You may not feel comfortable at first.  You may be scared of falling.  But just like you knew that your little girl could do it, so do I know that My little girl can do it, too.

My simple pleasures are the courage of my little girl, for a Father who loves me enough to speak gently to assuage my fears, and for helping me unearth the courage that lives in me...somewhere.

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  1. Is it not great, Jen, that we get to learn from our kids.

    Just wait until they are adults . . . my girls astound me often . . . at how wise and wonderful they are. I sit at their feet with joy, after all the years of me pouring into them. It is payback time!


  2. Oh Jenn...this is truly what I needed to read today! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It is truly amazing how Our Lord will use modern-day parables to get His Message to the person that needed to read it!

    In His Name,


  3. Again, isn't it amazing how he speaks to us? You have been unsure and He reassures. Getting on that bike was a step of faith and that is all it takes.

    Love, Marlece

  4. oh jen - I so relate to applicable..easy to digest:) thank you! love the word unearth

  5. Beautiful...loved how your simple pleasures just sing...i love His patience and unendingly so...never giving up on us and yes always saying, 'you can do it...i make you strong':)

  6. This is so beautiful and true! Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Yea Jen! Hop on that big girl bike and go for it!!! :)

  8. What a wonderful story; thank you for sharing your sweet family with us.

  9. Jen, this made me feel warm all over. Such a sweet, sweet post.

  10. Jen,
    This truly is a sweet story of courage and strength. Your little one is amazing and I am so thankful that God feels that way about us too!


  11. How right you are Jen! A wonderful parable.
    I need some unearthing of courage too.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful lesson today :-)

  12. Jen,
    Loved this. So beautiful, so wise. Isn't it wonderful how God can teach us through our children?

  13. Absolutely wonderful! I cringed when you explained her kneecaps hitting the concrete, but I'm so glad she got back on & faced her fears!!! =)

  14. Awe :* - beautiful post!! I've been there, too and I absolutely LOVE the words shared here. He's lifted my little girl spirit through your words ♥ thank you.

    And...I took a minute to read your heading paragraph - oh yes, most definitely the BEST reason to blog.

  15. What a great, great post. I went from understanding fellow faller to sympathetic mommy to cheerleader in the span of a couple paragraphs.

    And then, when you brought this modern day parable all the way home, I felt a huge spirit of encouragement. I love the part that you wrote in italics. It really spoke to me regarding something right now.

    Thanks, Jen.

    And big old HIGH FIVES to the bike rider.
    This one was really great.

  16. Dear Jen,
    I think the Lord spoke to me through you and your DD. I needed to hear this afternoon. Praise God! Thank you!

  17. Hi Jen,loved what you wrote.Your girl has a lot of courage to get back on the big bike,and you have a special courage for encouraging her to do this knowing she would fall again.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  18. I gave you a blog award. Please don't feel obligated but DO feel complimented!!

  19. I really appreciated this, thank you. I have been recently given a bike(spiritually) a little big and have fallen. I need to get back on and grow into it. Yes, we have the most amazing loving Heavenly Father who is there and cheering us on in where we need to be. PTL

    Blessings in Him<><

  20. I love this! I've witnessed the perseverance in my own son as well. It's humbling to me. Because I think in these cases, as the parent, I'm the one who fears the return to the bike even more!

    I love the message - to not give up, to rely on God even (or especially) in the face of fear. Thanks for this beautiful post!


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