Monday, January 17, 2011

Surprise Prayer & Soli Deo Gloria Link-up

Tuesdays (& Monday nights, I guess) are now my favorite days.  Because of you.  You know, I just love how God works through the process of surrendering.  The idea of the Soli Deo Gloria link up didn't come until I finally was able to lay down my other part-time job.  Oh, what I would have missed had I not heeded His call!  I'm thankful for and humbled by your presence here each week.  Thank you for coming.  If you are new, WELCOME.  Sincerely, I am so glad you are here.  Click here for the details and heart behind this meme.

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Here's my heart...

I had just put the kids to bed when pretty soon I heard the thump, thump, thump of little feet upstairs.  I peeked my head around the corner and there in her pink footy pajamas was my youngest, quickly trailed by my oldest.  The youngest:

Mommy, I'm scared and I just don't know what to do when I'm scared.

Let me just state that I am 99.9% positive that this was a ploy to stay up for a few more moments, but I thought I would indulge her because, remember, I'm working on having a more loving-mommy-mindset.

Well, honey, remember, that when we are scared, we can pray to Jesus and ask Him to give us comfort. Do you want me to pray with you?

So, the three of us held hands on the stairs and prayed.  And sometimes I just kind of get lost in my prayers.  I mean, I just start praying about one thing and move on to the next thing that pops into my head, and then the next, etc...

You can see why she might have thought this was a good idea...

Anyway, I was wrapping it up and I said, And Jesus, thank you so much for giving me two amazing little girls.  Amen.

But see, I popped my head up before the amen and I saw this look on their faces.

(I had to recreate the scene the next day.)
They were simply in awe that I had uttered those words.  And to Jesus.  I had told God that I thought they were amazing and by the looks on their sweet faces, I could have given them the world.  It was one of those looks reserved for only the most unexpected, delightful surprises.  When Santa brings the coveted present.  When the proclamation that yes, kids, we are going to Disney World is heard.  When she reaches the wall after swimming across the pool for the very first time by herself.

Those words that I uttered to Jesus in front of them were precious.  My two little girls felt enormously loved, protected, and filled.  Hmmmm.  How sweet the power of our words.  How precious the power of prayer.  What an amazing little way to lift up my children.  Who knew?


  1. How wonderful that you were able to share this with your girls! It is always such a joy for me when I pray with my boys...they don't expect me to be so vocal either :)

    Thank you for sharing...


  2. It's so awesome when we have those ah ha moments with our children and God. It is amazing the power of words. Usually our words do damage and we are left to do "clean up." When we actually start to use our words to uplift and build up, the blessings we receive are worth more than their weight in gold.

  3. awww...i love it! love it! many things and just their little hearts and even if they're stalling the chance to have this precious moment! thanks for sharing...

    and you made me smile and laugh the whole post!

    i am so thankful you heeded the call and SDG began...seriously, i've found you and my other best bloggy friends:)

    p.s. did you get your Christmas card?

  4. that is a precious precious story!

  5. Ah, yes. Someone told us to pray for our children with them every night and when we began, they were in awe. SO CUTE - your girls are darling!

    Blessing they are - have they ever seen the Veggie Tales "Where Is God When I'm S-S-Scared"? We sing the "God is Bigger Than The Boogieman" often...:)

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  6. This is so sweet! Isn't it wonderful as a parent when you just know that your children know that they are loved?

    I wouldn't know a thing about kids getting up after they've been tucked in, just to have a few more moments up. Nope, my kids would never do that :).


  7. Love this. I often pray for my children at night, as a last thing before bed. I wasn't sure if they really listened, but they do. It lifts them up in a wonderful way to hear Mom say, "Thank you for making me this child's mom. Bless him as he sleeps and help him to be a good boy tomorrow. " - etc. Gotta throw a "be a good boy" in there too! But they always ask for that prayer.

    PS Include me on the emails, please!

  8. I had to grin at your suspicion that this was a "stay up later" ploy. But what a sweet moment you witnessed, and a great reminder. We often forget just how powerful our words are; we expect them to "get it" just through what we do. But they do need to hear it, don't they?

  9. Now, that was a moment to treasure for sure and I bet they will be able to recall when they are older women. I so well remember my Dad praying for me and the comfort and safety that I felt. Loved this sweet post!

    Continued blessings on your journey of life!

  10. We called it "BDTs" (Bedtime Delaying Tactics), but the boys were so cute and sweet that we enjoyed those extra moments too! It really does build them up -- even my 20-year-old -- to hear us say, "I'm so glad you're MY kid."
    Thanks for a post that is a real blessing.

  11. I love this, Jen. What a powerful reminder of how even the simplest things we say about our kids can build them up - especially when we say them to Jesus!

    Please add me to the email
    kim.d.turnage at gmail
    (sorry...just trying to keep the spam down!)

  12. Jen, this is sweet. You know, I read the latest book of Francine Rivers and this subject is what I got out of it. So many times we talk to our Lord and others of how amazing we think our babes are yet they actually don't hear it from our mouths to their ears. So, their perception of how we feel about them might be not what we REALLY feel and think of them. We need to verbally tell how much we love them even if it is thru a prayer that they are in on. :)

  13. I love this! When I pray for M, I recently have been saying "Thanks for my sweet daughter" and she always giggles. I love it. :) What a beautiful example of love and a follower of Christ you are to your girls. A treasure!

  14. Love, love this and I love how my kids beg me to pray for them at night too. I think it's way worth staying awake for!! add me please.

    PS I'm posting my post from yesterday, hope it's okay. it concludes with a great giveaway =)

  15. You know, I was just thinking yesterday about the verse that talks about how powerful our tounges are..great post :)
    i was at a loss on what to write to join in, but your post just gave me inspiration, so thanks

  16. My daughter loves it when I praise her through prayer too. It's as if she is surprised you made the cut of important things to thank God for!

    ps the recreated pic was awesome!

  17. Love it! And I love that you recreated the moment!

    And you can add me to your email list! graceandcoffee @

  18. What a beautiful story. I love it when they are suprised by hope much we love them!


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