Wednesday, February 16, 2011

As of Late

Lately -- I've been recovering from the flu.  The last time I had the flu was in 2001.  The last time I had a fever was 2007.  So, I'm not so used to being sick.

Lately -- I've been watching.  Usually, I'm running around, trying to get everything done. But today, as I sat in my chair outside (recovering), my daughter was riding her bike in the driveway.  Since she wanted to make sure she didn't run over any rolly-pollies she moved all of them to the grass before getting on her bike.  Then, any time she saw one, she quickly got off her bike and moved the critter to safety.  If I had my nose buried in a book, I would have missed these very sweet moments.

Lately -- I've rekindled my obsession with James Bond movies.  Luckily, my husband is letting me have control of the Netflix cue, so the next 5 movies coming are all Bond...James Bond.

Lately -- I've been relaxing about things a bit.  I'm not so worried about followers or comments.  I just came to the realization that I'm doing this all for God, so as long as I pleasing to Him, it's all good.

Lately -- I've been impressed with my husband.

Lately -- I've been praying that no one else in our house gets the flu.

Lately -- I've grateful for the warmer weather.  Come on, SPRING!

Lately -- I've been redoing our guest room for when my dad and his girlfriend come.  It's a beach-themed and the new wall color is called "Silver Screen."

Lately -- I've been asking God to show me how I can receive grace more easily and willingly.

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  1. oh, i'm so sorry you've had the flu. but glad you've had sunshine warm enough to sit out in!

  2. Sounds like you have made the most of this "down time." Good for you! Hope you are feeling good as new very soon! Smiles and blessings!

  3. sounds to me like you've had some time to think and stand under the waterfall for awhile?:) Feels good doesn't it? I'm in that same place lately..weird for me but I am liking it. Not good you have been sick though..:(

    SO get the comments and such...
    just to breathe in and out slowly...its good

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry you've been so sick! I hope no else gets sick. I am with you on waiting for Spring to arrive! :)

  5. Being impressed with you hubby...I tell ya girl, there's nothing better than that :) So grateful God has blessed us with the beauty of marriage.

  6. I hope you feel better soon! The flu is horrible.

    I have never seen a James Bond movie. I guess they just don't interest me....maybe one day I will get one from netflix to see.

    I am so ready for Spring too....we have been having warmer temps this week and I am LOVING it. :o)

  7. That was a great post, Jen! So glad that you had the opportunity to enjoy watching your little girl...that is a sweet memory for sure!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  8. So glad you are feeling better; keep resting. BUT, when you are up to it... photos of the guest room, please??

  9. I love catching up this day. I'm glad to read that you are catching such sweet moments of your daughter's childhood, and that you have a husband you admire!

  10. It is nice to "meet" you. I know what you mean about soaking up the moments. I try so hard to stop and enjoy life instead of just moving onto the next motion, but it is so hard to be a Mommy and not think about what is next on the agenda. I love your story about your daughter and the rolly-pollies. Too cute!


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