Saturday, February 12, 2011

A New Window

It has been a rough week, emotionally and mentally, mainly.  I was drinking in a moment of peace, my Real Simple magazine splayed in front of me on the counter while I was casually popping in one too many pieces of Chex Mix in my mouth.

In this particular article, they were revamping a kitchen.  One of the least expensive renovation tips they gave was simply to clean off the refrigerator (free!).  They likened the bright, crisp whiteness to having another window in the room.  Being that I am an emotional cleaner and organizer, I set straight to work.  I recycled old magazine articles that "someday" I was going to try, expired coupons, old pictures that had become faded from the sun.  Knowing that my sweet children would be highly offended if they did not have some sort of presence on the family fridge, I arranged their best words on the side.  Other sentimental pictures and magnets with service provider phone numbers (which now, I think, I could just store on my iPhone), I placed on the other side.

Only one thing remained on the front -- money for my first grader's class picture that can only be returned on picture day.  Being that this is still 5 days away, there is plenty of time for it to get lost in the sea of papers that once adorned the door.

And as much having a clean, organized, third "window" in my kitchen, as much as I loved the simplicity and whiteness of it all, my heart still ached.  And so, I heard the Lord in the quiet moment of my heart:

If you were to clear everything off your life, what one thing would you choose to remain?  What would be your focus?  What would be the one important thing?

You, Lord.  I want my answer to be You.

I'm linking up for the first time with Cheryl Smith for The Simplify Journey.  Come see how others are simplifying their lives.
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  1. Love this, Jen! And how much easier is it to focus clearly on that one thing when there's less clutter and distraction. Enjoy your new kitchen window! And what are you thinking about clearing out of your life to open up that window to God?

  2. :)

    I did this about a month ago.

    But my girls just seem to want every available space that exists in this house. Right now? The fridge door is totally full again. With stuff they put there. :)

    Sighs. :) I'm trying to accept this as a season.

  3. Great post, I definitely need to declutter. Stopping by from SITS, happy Saturday!

  4. Jen, this reminds me of the time I put my house on the market just before Peter and I got married. One of the first things I did to "stage" the house was clean off my refrigerator. I go through spurts where I do this now and love that moment of exhale when everything is neat and orderly.

    What I most identify with, however, is the prayer.

    Yes, Lord, I want my answer to be You, as well!

  5. I love this! I hope the coming week is is full of peace!

  6. I need to do this too. I like to declutter so that I can better see what is really important.

  7. Doing this in my bedroom, yup, got it, get it! I took down anything that wasn't completely a sentiment between Jim and I and got rid of the rest. It makes it much more intimate and personal. So, yes, I know what you mean...

  8. I am an emotional cleaner too. I think I might clean off my fridge today :) Great post.

  9. Isn't it amazing how we think we can fix our woes by doing "things" or getting "things." The one THING we need is God.

  10. first, not sure i could clean off my fridge and freezer. i have YEARS worth of pictures and artwork....if i cleared everything off life, leaving family and one other thing? teaching? but what about church? and writing? and running? and reading? you pose a tough question, jen.


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