Sunday, February 20, 2011

No Longer Irked

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My confession this week?  I can be petty.  I can hold grudges.  I can, therefore, hold petty grudges.

Has something, like something little, just irked you for years and years and years?  And you aren't openly mad about it when you are with the person, but then they have to go and do something even more irksome, and then, of course, you remember that you were irked 10 years ago, and now you're just doubly irked because you just couldn't let go of what bothered you to begin with?

Or maybe you are sane and you would never let those trivial things get to you?

Perhaps you don't let these things get to you because you already know this exciting piece of scripture that just days ago settled into my heart.  Not only settled, but dare I say, took root?

Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.  
1 Peter 4: 8

What I realize is this:  If I don't feel loved by someone, or rather, if I don't feel confident that someone REALLY loves me, I start stacking their offenses.  I make sure that I catalogue all of his/her flaws so that somehow I can make myself feel better about not feeling loved.  

When, in my head I start ranting:  

I can't believe she said...
I can't understand why she would...
What was he thinking when he...

I'm really wondering:

Why doesn't she love me enough?
Why am I not lovable?
If he really loved me, wouldn't he...?

I would love to say that I got out of this ridiculously self-centered cycle by just realizing that things are just not that much about me, but no.  Apparently, I'm not that mature.  Instead, I was wooed out of it.  I literally feel like God used a particular person to just heap love on me.  And she just loved me and loved me and loved me.  She loved me so much that I could just could never doubt for a second how much she stinkin' loves me.

And I'm no longer irked.  Not in the least bit.  About anything.  Not from things ten years ago, not two-weeks ago, not even two seconds ago if something had just happened.  And it's not even just confined to this one person who has loved me so well.  I'm not irked by anyone or anyone's past transgressions, little or huge.  I am not angry at all.

Whoa.  I don't think I've been anger free in quite sometime. This is a taste of freedom, friends.  A taste of freedom.  Love really does have the power to blot out the transgressions, the sins, the little irks, too.

My prayer for you, especially of those of you like me, who can be irked rather easily, that God would put someone in your life, or perhaps it would even be He Himself, to love you so well and so much that you just have no room in your heart, mind, or soul, to be irked.  To be angry.  To hold a grudge.

There's freedom in that friends.  And I want to share in that freedom with you.

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  1. This is good Jen, being 'irked' sure can keep us from loving the way we should. Even when I try to hide it, those that love me can feel the 'irk'....not a good way to love or feel loved for sure. Good point, now I'm going to go try this on my family. Let it go right?

  2. Oh, I bet we can all use these words for our betterment. As usual, very well said.

    Sabbath blessings to you!

  3. I praise God, with you, for sending you a friend who loved and loved and loved.


  4. I Corinthians 13:5 always slays me..."(Love)does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own; is not easily provoked; does not take into account a wrong suffered"...

    especially the "is not easily provoked"...right down to my "petty grudge" that one goes...

  5. Ohhh we sure all get those irking moments - and we need to forgive. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  6. What a gift that God gives - friends who love like he does.

  7. Beautiful, Jen, and so much food for thought. I wonder what would happen if I BECAME that loving-over-the-top friend to someone else?
    This post is such a breath of fresh air!

  8. Wow, Jen, this post is so full of hope and joy -- and love! I, too, am a highly irkable person -- so I can sure relate. And God has given me a person who heaps love upon love on me (Deidra, over at Jumping Tandem). With a single email or kind word, she lifts me sky-high. He is loving me through her -- don't you love it?

    I love what Janice Johnson says above, too -- about perhaps we being the person who heaps the love onto someone else who needs it. {and I love that her name is Janice Johnson...because that was (is) my mother-in-law's I feel like my Janice is speaking to me through this Janice here. Does that even make sense?!

  9. And God is so good--continuing to work on us and sending us people to massage out some of our ugly places. Working on a post for tomorrow that's sort of along these lines. Good stuff, Jen.

  10. YES. It feels so good to let it go, doesn't it? Beautiful, girl!

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  11. Freedom is such a good thing. Such a good gift! And these words you've shared here? I can read freedom in them! This is beautiful. So very beautiful!

    (And Michelle is making me cry.)

  12. I have the hardest time letting things go. I know I should, but I have a hard time with it.

  13. Wow, this was perfect timing. Really struggling with these issues of letting "go and forgiving" petty things. Thanks for sharing that verse!

  14. I want to be free too. Free from grudges and what ifs. Free to let go.

    Thanks for your honesty. And I love the reason you blog. Me too!

  15. Lovely insight! I try really hard not to hold grudges. They eat you up inside and usually the other person dosn't have a clue and it dosn't effect them in the least bit anyways.

  16. I am definitely easily irked. And what a gift you've discovered. I think I have that kind of love in my life. Maybe all I've lacked is the perspective you share on it. Thank you for that and your prayer.

  17. Hey Jen, It is moi again. Check out my blog on Wednesday ~ I am sending a blog award your way.


  18. I can just feel this new freedom rubbing off on me. I love it, and I am so happy for you!!

    Isn't God amazing?!

  19. I like that saying- hear it on Sunday, use it on Monday! God and prayer help move mountains!
    Visiting from SITS =)


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