Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Simple Pleasures: A Rock

No, silly, not just a rock that you'd find laying on the ground.  No, not even The Rock (Jesus, I mean, not Dwayne Johnson).

This rock is the one I call my husband.  He is my simple pleasure today.

I have to say, I am one who can remain calm during medical emergencies.  Have an emotional or spiritual issue?  I have you covered.  Take away my heater and all other electrical devices when it is 18 degrees with a windchill of 4 and I. Flip. Out.

I didn't know about the rolling blackouts that were to descend upon our city and at promptly 7:56 AM, just as I was about to warm my tea in the microwave, everything shut down.

There was no ice.  Very little wind.  What could be the cause?

Oh my goodness.  I look at my husband.  Hannah and I are going to freeze.  We have no heat.  No oven.  No stove.  No microwave.  We won't even have a hot shower!  I'm not even good at keeping a fire going!  And we are running out of firewood.  There won't be any left in the entire city!

He started packing his bag for work.  Casually, nonchalantly, like there was no big deal.

Where do you think you are going?  You can't leave me here!

You really have no survival skills do you? he says.

And your first clue was...

But see, he knows that I really don't panic often, but when I do, there is absolutely nothing (well, besides the almighty power of God) that calms me down until the issue is relatively fixed.

And so, he stayed.  And I was comforted because I knew that if push came to shove and the power never did come back on, he would lead me and our two little girls on the path to survival.  He would be strong.  He would be steady.

A rock.

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  1. Great, great post...we need more wives praising their husbands...thanks for the reminder

  2. What a sweet post. Blessings to you!
    Cindy :)

  3. Terrific post! A good and godly husband is indeed the greatest blessing on earth.

  4. What a sweet husband you have!

    So, tag, you're it. Start thinking of 15 interesting facts (see my blog for more info) :)

  5. Loved your post! Don't blame you about the survival thing. As your husband will tell you, his mom doesn't like to camp unless you call a motor home or Holiday Inn Camping. Then, she is..for the most part..good or relatively good.
    So glad that he stayed and comforted you. Good lesson on priorities that we all could take a cue. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. This is a wonderful post! Thank you!

  7. Our husbands are our rock! So true :-)
    Love it Jen!
    bless you..Trish

  8. Beautiful words ~ husbands are wonderful rocks, steady and strong!

  9. this post made me smile...really glad you have your husband....a be there in those panic times...

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

    This is my favorite of all your simple pleasures. I married a Rock too. I totally get this and it made me smile.

    Huge hugs to you in your Tundra. I do know the feeling, and I'm praying it all passes very quickly.

  11. Husbands are that Rock !!!! Great post
    Hope you have your power on now

  12. That was such a beautiful post. The song "Lead Me" by Sanctus Real came to my mind as I was reading this.

    We often have blackouts where we live. Why? I have no idea. So I am pretty good at getting things done in the dark, as long as I have hot water! I'll get our girls ready for bed by candlelight. And stick a candle light in my oldest daughter's room. (She needs a nighlight) I actually love it because it reminds me of 100 years ago.
    A month ago, half of our mainframe fried up to the point of the power comany having to come out and rebuild our frame, at 9:30 at night and 26 degree weather. The next day we weren't getting as hot of water as we should be getting. I literally took a cold shower in the middle of winter. I couldn't stand it!!!! Thankfully, my husband is a licensed plumber and was able to fix the problem for 15 bucks. We found out when the main frame fried, it fried an element in our water heater.

    I didn't mind being in 19th century lifestyle until our water heater was broke for a 24 hour period.

  13. Ohhh what a blessing the Lord has given you...a strong man. A wonderful protector and provider. That is a very wonderful simple pleasure indeed.

    Blessings in Him<><

  14. Jen, I have a similar "rock" and I hope I never have to know life without him. Rocks make great simple pleasure posts. :)


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