Thursday, March 17, 2011

As of Late

Lately, I am completely astounded at the fact that my heart can be so broken, but I can still have so much hope.

Lately, I feel like a failure often in my parenting, but then, I see the clouds part, the sun shine in, and I have moments of pure joy with my girls.

Lately, I have be grateful for Soli Deo Gloria and I am honored by the way God shows up – every single week – in these women’s posts and their comments to each other. 

Lately, God has asked me to put my pride on the line.  He asked me to take the risk at failing publically.  And it was really hard, but now, I think I’m over it.  Well, at least for a little while.

Lately, I’ve been intrigued by the concept of a mind and body at rest.  I took yoga for the first time on Tuesday and I could feel God begin to teach me what it really means to have a clear mind.  It is possible!  Amazing.

Lately, God has been asking me to walk through some places in my heart that He wants to heal (see broken heart above).  As I grieve in those places, I feel Him grieving with me – a tangible representation of Him holding my hand as we walk through this wilderness.

What has been stirring in your life, as of late? 

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  1. A poinant list. Don't you think writing them down somehow clarifies the workings of our hearts? Sometimes it isn't until I get them on paper that I realize the journey I've been on. So thanking God for hope.

  2. I love having a clear mind. Simple times of prayer, and solitude have proven that.

  3. beautiful, jen. and i love yoga. some christians are scared of it, but i choose it as prayer time, not meidtating to good spirits time. and in fact, i do it on my own now....

  4. Jen, I love your authenticity. I'd say you already are putting your pride on the line. It's hard to admit our mistakes. Especially with parenting.

    I have never tried yoga. I love the idea of mind and body at rest at the same time. Sign me up!


  5. You made me cry...guess that means I love you.

    God has been calling me to just be still and know. So simple...and yet the most complicated thing I have ever had to do. Eight days into Lent, I smile backwards at one week down...and I gulp forward knowing there are five more to go!

    Many hugs to you as you find what He has for you...many, many hugs to you for being so real.

  6. Be still and know... I believe He is truly speaking that to the hearts of His people everywhere.
    I just happened upon your page tonight and I am glad that I did. Your honesty and authenticity are refreshing. Bless you for pouring out the beauty He has put in you.

    Soli Deo Gloria,
    Tracye @ A Heart Poured Out

  7. That heart things has been much of my last year. It is such a complex thing....the heart. So glad you have hope and that you are letting Him in to heal... oh the beauty of healing.

    You are so special sweet Jen. <3

  8. I LOVE me some yoga, and must confess I haven't been in a couple of months. Lauren has dance classmore often now, and I haven't had time to go. But...bound and determined to start back!

    And Jen, so thankful for SDG too, and the wonderful you who listened to God faithfully and followed His lead!

  9. Oh, rest. Rest. It's such a beautiful thing when He calls us to rest. I find that I'm called into this right after I've walked through something big - I feel like it's His way of nudging us to really process what just happened and take-in what we are meant to learn from the lesson.

    Rest away, dear one. It's so very critical if we ever want to grow beyond where we are now.

    Love to you, sweet girl!

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  10. Hmmm. Some things stirring in my heart....I am half-way through educating my oldest child. God gave me/us beautiful flowers that grow in my yard on trees and bushes -- without a lot of work from me. It is such a gift. I love flowers. I wanted flowers in my yard. Didn't ask for it. Here it is for me to enjoy. He is showing me how much He sees my needs and meets my needs -- the greatest of which is becoming holy.

  11. stirring lately...wholeness and I've been interested in yoga for awhile. The kind where you meditate:) I would love to learn how to breathe through lack of control thoughts.
    I love all of your " as of lates " to see what God is doing in and through your life. I am so thankful I know you

  12. Getting back to what I know is truth...but had forgotten. Believing God for Who He Is, instead of who my fears paint him as.

    Cherishing my children. Getting over my own agenda.

    At least TRYing...
    Teri @ StumblingAroundInTheLight

  13. Great post..I can say that many of your "lately" list are the same as mine. I think the enemy is so uncreative that he knocks at all of our doors with the same lies.
    Your blessings on what God is showing you and through different means are great.
    I am enjoying the stirring God is doing in this season in preparation for the celebration of the resurrection.


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