Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm a Guest Today at...


The gracious and wonderful, Natalie, has invited me to hang out at her place (how I wish it were physical and not virtual because she is just that wonderful) today!  Would love to invite you over, too, to be a part of the conversation.  What are we talking about?  Well, Justin Bieber, of course!  Here's a teaser:

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I indulged my daughter and took her to see Never Say Never.  Yes, I took her to see the Justin Bieber movie.  And while it was a really fun show, and while I was impressed with the fact that the Bieber team prays before every meal and before every show, and while I was grateful that he really does appear to be a neat and talented kid, I was bothered.

It wasn’t him that bothered me, though.  It was the throngs and throngs of children weeping over his greatness, professing their grandest dream of occupying his airspace, and swearing that one day, they would be married. Okay, I get that they are (mostly) hormonal teenagers and this is just a cycle of life (think The Beatles, New Kids on the Block, and The Backstreet Boys).  But, it was the visual display of idolatry that rocked my core.  What prompts us to have idols in our lives?  What drives us to be so enthralled with someone else’s greatness that we think the only thing that can satisfy us is to be like them or be with them?

How often have I denied my own strengths or my own God-given beauty because I have been mesmerized by the wonderfulness of someone else?  How many times have I disregarded my own talent because someone else seemed to have more of it?  How often will I look at the opportunities that God has given everyone else and think Why not me?

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  1. Girl, I so wish it were physical, too! Someday...Someday...LOVED having you!

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  2. Well, as I've grown older I truly do accept who I am in the Lord and worry very little about the world's thoughts. Guess that's a perk of growing older and hopefully wiser. :o) Blessings to you on another good post!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment :) I feel like I've been seeing just how easy it is to worship idols lately...it used to be I thought too black and white about it. I thought you literally had to have a plastic god figurine you were worshiping, but really, it encompasses so much more than that..


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