Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm a Guest Today at...


Don't you just love that name for a blog?  Michelle herself is full of grace, full of wonder, and full of truth.  I am blessed to know her and you will be, too.  I treasure her friendship and her words and I know she will touch your heart.  She is also a fellow Soli Deo Gloria girl (click the link if you are interesting in knowing more about this fellowship)!

I would love if you would follow me over to Graceful today.  Here's a quick peek at what I'm talking about over there...

I believe God has given us so much on this earth for us to enjoy.  I think He desires for our lives to be full of joy, vitality, and pleasure.  I think He smiles when we enjoy a cool dip in a pool on a hot summer’s day.  He takes pleasure when we stand back from a room that we have recently redone and feel a sense of coziness.  He enjoys seeing us revel in a good book, having fun at an amusement park, or bowling with friends. He enjoys our enjoyment.

That being said, there can come times in our lives when pleasurable activities become something more for us than what they were initially intended to do. 

Throughout my life, God has slowly been showing me ways that I have tried to fill emotional and spiritual needs with things that would ultimately never give me the satisfaction and fulfillment that I so desperately craved.  First, we dealt with food.  Next on the list?  Shopping.

Honestly, I’m not that into  make-up or trendy clothes (okay, maybe a little bit into the clothes), but I love to organize. I could live at the Container Store.  Organization and a neat, orderly home help me to survive the chaotic schedule that sometimes is my life.  I have often found refuge in a $5 plastic storage container from Target.  It would make me giddy just to think of something new to put away in an orderly fashion.   Or, wandering the aisles, I may pick up a new picture frame on clearance or a pretty new hand towel for the half-bath, just to fill the need for a new splash of beauty when my life felt particularly bleak.

I hadn’t realized that these seemingly small, inconsequential purchases were becoming detrimental to my relationship with God.  To continue reading, please click here.

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