Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Simple Pleasures: The Joy of Serving

To spend moments thinking about
Someone else,
Someone else’s need,
Someone else’s desire
For something pretty,
Transcends into a call to action,
A willingness to serve,
To cater,
To fulfill a longing of this
Someone else.
A process of putting self aside
To make room, to make a home
For servanthood, for a moment,
Perhaps for a lifetime.
Teaching children of this
Necessity early
Provides a way
For a natural space to develop
Where if it did not happen
They may have hearts consumed
With self,
Instead of selflessness.
To give, to love, to create
For someone, a stranger, a friend,
A way to be a tangible Jesus,
If only for a few moments.

Pictures of my children and their friends serving over Spring break at a local trailer park.
Cleaning the park's playground equipment 

My godson planting with a girl who lives at the park.
Cleaning a tire for the new tire swing going into the community park.
My baby planting veggies with her newfound friend.
Linking up with Dayle for Simple Pleasures today.
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  1. i love everything about this post. the words. the pics. the acts of service....

  2. And you know I love this! We do something similar a couple times a year called Beautiful Day with our church.

    Great way to spend Spring Break!

  3. Beautiful!
    Everything..the thoughts and the pictures.
    You are right, Jen.
    Children must be taught early to serve so it becomes a virtue of their characters.
    God bless you..Trish

  4. Love the poem & the pictures speak a thousand words! Love it all. Blessings....

  5. Beautiful! and what a great thing to do together!

  6. a heart developed for serving as a child...beautiful Jen. It really does cultivate joy doesn't it? happy thursday:)

  7. Yes I love the poem at the start.
    I think serving for anyone is a great lesson in life. When we focus on others our own lives are rewarded so much

  8. It's so easy to stay focused on our own little world...but so necessary to place that focus on others. So often when we help others, we think the receiving party is going to get the blessing...but really, we come away from it being blessed...great poem and beautiful pictures, Jen. Happy Thursday!

  9. Great post !!! gettting kids to help ...teaching them to serve others is awesome !!!

  10. Yes an awesome simple pleasure that we all need to go back to over and over is what life is about.

  11. Jen, I love this and agree with Donna -- "when we help others... we come away from it being blessed"
    What an encouragement; thanks for posting!

  12. We are placed in this world to serve others. Our greatest teacher came to serve us...all we can do is follow His example :)

    Great post Jenn!


  13. Beautiful -- the passion of my heart is to serve. There is such joy in service. The smile we bring to others bounces back. I love reading your blog.

  14. Serving others is not only one true way to find happiness, but it is, as you say, one of life's simple pleasures. There's just something about serving someone else that leaves you feeling whole ... and happy.


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