Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Pleasure of Rocking

I’m rocking back and forth
In an age-old rocking chair.
Absorbing the wisdom from the women before me
Women who rocked their babies
Back and forth
Women who clutched their fretting hands,
Worry lines etched upon their foreheads.
Back and forth
They rock,
Offering their cares to the One greater than themselves,
Waiting for peace.
Waiting for restoration.
Waiting for homecoming.

My little girl asks me to rock her
Back and forth
It will help me calm down, she says
Absorbing the wisdom from the women before me,
I take the time to rock her.
We listen to the sounds of the house
We listen to see if she might be watching,
The woman from whom the chair was passed down,
The woman we greatly loved

Something about the rocking chair
Calls to me.
Not the physical comfort,
Old cushions long discarded.
But the comfort of the women before me,
Those I did not know and
The one I loved so deeply.
Somehow in this age-old rocking chair
I absorb more than wisdom.
I absorb love.
And in this place,
She cradles me.

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  1. Rocking is one of my favorite simple pleasures too, beautiful poem, thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautiful, Jen. I love it that we stand on the shoulder of Godly women that went before us. (My sweet mom was one of them.)


  3. Cradled in the arms of generations of wisdom while rocking the next. I really like this image of motherhood.

  4. I love this...and I love rocking too.

  5. Time to contemplate and absorb the wonder of love and wisdom given is indeed what we need. Keep rocking.

  6. Reading this was like listening to a lullaby in rocking chair. So rhythmic and unhurried.Rock on!

  7. My rocker is waiting to be repaired..I miss it.
    Your first stanza is one I relate to very much, Jen.
    So beautifully written, as always :-)
    Thank you for sharing this precious poem!

  8. we have a rocker just like this's in the basement now and rarely used but it holds tons of great memories.

  9. Oh I so agree...well my rocker was new and I hope when I pass it down the new owner will feel the same as your poem so beautiful of right now it have rocked all six of my children, a true simple pleasure

  10. I to think back to women who have gone before. prayed before. wondering if anyone prayed for me long before I was born. love standing in places and wondering who stood here before and who they were...yes I love lingering over these things!
    lovely Jen:)

  11. There is something about a rocking chair that says, "you can't be in a hurry when in it" it makes you calm down,soothes,makes way for thinking, pray, listen. There is a good reason to have and sit in a rocking chair often. I think the Lord looks at a woman in a rocking chair and pays special attention for sure, lots of business going on between the one in the rocker and the One above.

  12. This is so full of love and a gentle peace. I love these lines:

    "Somehow in this age-old rocking chair
    I absorb more than wisdom.
    I absorb love.
    And in this place,
    She cradles me."

  13. What a beautiful poem. I love your simple pleasure!

  14. Hmmm this is making me want a rocking chair. But if I had a choice I want to find one with no arms. I am a knitter and I heard growing up my mom talked about the ones with no arms. Mmmmmm the idea of sitting, knitting, and rocking sounds sooooo heavenly right now.


  15. Yet another beautiful one. You have such a wonderful gift of expression. As I read this, I was literally transported back to my rocking days with my daughters. I would drag it out as long as I could because the warmth and security that I felt in that chair was something worth savoring.

    I have my grandmother's rocker. Hmm. Some day, I think I'll post about it. If I do, know that you're the inspiration.

    Wonderful simple pleasure this week.

  16. I love your poetry.

    I've thought about the same thing recently. Not about rocking chair wisdom, but I was sitting in church and wondered about all the people who had sat in my very seat. I wondered what things were burning in their hearts, and I wondered about their prayers.

    Sweet post, Jen.

  17. Beautiful prose, Jen. Rocking chairs are definitely a simple pleasure.

  18. agree with, dear, tender and sweet and yes, true.

    my sister has a rocker that was our mom's that she wants to re-cover and use made me think of that and well, all that it is to be in a place or have something of the one who is such a part of who we are but is gone from this world...honestly, priceless...thank YOU friend for ministering to me today!

  19. We listen to the sounds of the house
    We listen to see if she might be watching...

    oh Jen, i know... how well you put it... i've inherited both rocking chairs, from my own grandmother and my husband's, and there's nothing grand about them except that they've held other mothers, and like you said, we rock, and we listen...

  20. Oh! You made me miss the days of rocking my babies! I could feel the rhythm as I read. Enjoy these precious days!

  21. Jen I love this! I love how the motion gets set in a rocking chair..mama and baby become one. And soaking up the wisdom of women before you..I love that!

    Thank you for linking up today and sharing your beautiful mama's heart...

  22. I have more rocking chairs in my house than regular chairs. We love to rock! It's always soothing and relaxing and something we all need to take the time to do way more than we do. Beautiful poem!

  23. Hi Jen
    Your words are a lovely message of peace and the continuity of love.
    I love my rocker it's very soothing.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  24. Love this! And you are so right about a rocker.

  25. The draw of a woman to a rocker...your so right, the love and comfort pulls us. Strength and clarity too.

  26. Beautiful poem and great writing. It clearly comes from your heart. And I feel a bit of a chill given that I just posted about a very difficult day with my special needs son that ended in a rocking chair. I think that says it all. Thank you.


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