Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Dream

My simple pleasure this week is a dream.

Not a while-you-sleep kind of dream.  It's a hope.  It's a vision.  It's who I want to be.

You see, I found this new link-up called Playdates with God and I've honestly not linked up yet because the thought of play is a bit foreign to me.  Playing with God?  Finding Him outside of deep revelations, scripture reading, prayer and intercession?  Even outside of God, do I ever really play, like with the heart and mind of a child?  Splashing in jest?  Starting a tickle-fight just because?  Sitting with my husband and telling a joke?

You see, I know serious.  I know deep conversation.  I know intense spiritual journey.  I know prayer.  I know how to steel myself for bad news and harden my heart in disappointment (not good things, mind you, those last two).   I know how to stick to a budget, how to plan a party, how to help a friend.  I know how to do my job.  I know how to discipline my kids (um, most of the time) and what activities are good for them.

And, I can even go through the motions of playing, of acting out Barbie dolls and calling cards in Go Fish.  I can play school and I can snuggle and read a good book with my daughters.  But I cannot get lost in it.  I can't find the freedom in it, but I do know that it is there.  It is there with my husband.  It is there with my children.  It is there with God.  I just need to let myself go a little bit and find it.

Maybe next week, my simple pleasure will be of playing and my playdate with God will be something fully fun and freeing.

Here's to the dream.

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  1. :) I love playing and laughing with my friends. Playdates with God intrigues me

  2. Jen, I wish you all the best in finding your freedom in fun. I'd say it could be life changing.

  3. Well Jen, I think it will be very interesting to see what you find on your new adventure with God :-)
    Joy in Jesus..Trish

  4. To have a blast with God sounds like such a freeing thing to do. It's been a while since I had a playdate with God.

  5. Hi Jen,
    What a lovely dream/hope you have.Enjoy....
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  6. I can relate to this. I think I've conditioned myself as an "adult" not to play at times. Gotta work on that.

  7. Finding freedom in fun like Dayle said, can change your life. It is going to be liberating and exciting.

    God is in everything the serious and in the not so.

    Mrs. M.

  8. oh Jen...I love this...and I love the way you wrote it....I'm in with you...I want those playdates with God too. ☺☺

  9. I love the honesty of your post. It makes me want to learn how to play too! Blessings to you.

  10. Looking forward to more on this!
    Love you, girl.

  11. Great post, I love your transparent heart. I look forward to hearing more about this and how it is going for you. I think we all want a relationship like this with God.


  12. I have a friend whose daughter when she was little wanted to play with God , this post I loved ....maybe we need to be like the child and ask GOD for a playdate flying a kite knowing GOD is the one that keeps the kite up !!!

  13. How beautifully expressed....your search for the dream!

  14. Oh, I know Playdates with God. I don't link-up, but I always find good things from those who do!

  15. At the beginning of spring, I woke up in a sour mood. I knew right away I needed quiet time. I felt led to simply open the windows, and let the breeze in. In that small act, I savored in the beauty around me, and talking to God about everything. More potent than any coffee date with a friend...and very much needed. :)

  16. oh, I hope and therefore am lifting as a prayer right now that you have a playdate with God. I'm one who loves nothing much more than real abandon. It might even be my downfall, I don't know. I just know that it does my heart good.

    I'm going to be waiting for the report!

  17. When my children obey, and do their school lessons, and refrain from whining when I say 'no' is helpful and convenient. But when they are outside on the trampoline together, giddy with laughter, breathless with the exertion of is heartswellingly delightful.

    As your Abba will be so delighted with your pursuit of laughter, joy, play.
    Joy in Jesus - Teri

  18. Oh, friend, I so understand! As I told my little one this winter when he wanted me to have a snowball fight: grown ups play different. Sometimes. Playdates, for me, has been a deliberate act of inviting God into every moment. Sometimes it leads to amazing places. Just the awareness of the Diving makes life crazy exciting! But, I'm not always aware.

    So I keep trying, right? I'm so glad you're playing along :).

    Keep dreaming, Jen. You are beautiful!

  19. Oh yes oh yes! I never lived until my heart returned to the child like state & I could be free to dream, love, laugh, NO RESERVATIONS with God. Then it begins to spread to those around us. Such EXCELLENT reminder. So excited for you!

  20. I paired that same photo with a dream quote a few weeks ago. Great minds ;) I hope you find some beauty in fun and dreaming this week. That you find play among the serious and that your heart rejoices in it.



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