Friday, April 22, 2011

The Hard Love

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The Hard Love …


Funny, I just wrote about a hard love for a post on Wednesday night.  A post about laying down my armor that I have used to protect my heart.  And while it might do a good job of protecting me from getting hurt again, it sure also does a good job of keeping love out, as well.  And what does a heart really long for?  


Sometimes, despite all that He says in His Word, despite the images that play in my head about what happened today -on Good Friday- Jesus dying on a cross to take away my sins, despite the very real ways that His provision and intervention play out in my life, sometimes, yes, I still doubt His love.  Do you ever doubt?

Which, is why, I think I must be a hard love at times.  Oh, yes, I'm getting better.  My resistance to an armor-free heart is getting stronger.  But, at least for today, I want to be fully soft.  Not a doubter or a wonderer.

I want to be fully faithful.

An easy love.



  1. Do I ever doubt? Daily. The greatest love of all and we have such a hard time accepting it. It seems easier to accept that we are sinners and deserve to die. Why is that?

  2. His love for us is most definitely hard to believe. It's the exact opposite of what this world says is true.
    Thank you for your honesty.
    Praise God it's His grace and mercy that saves our ugly hearts and not us having to figure it all out!

  3. I love the spin you put on this. Yes, I can be a very hard love, too. So thankful for His graciousness.

    (I'm so glad I met you and your blog last week! Congrats on all funds being raised for She Speaks! I'm so excited about She Speaks.)

  4. I don't doubt His love...I doubt being worthy of it. I think that our minds are so finite that we cannot comprehend how much He really does love us! If He counts the hairs on our heads and His thoughts are more in number than the sand upon the seashore...He really must love us!

  5. There is not doubts in my mind. To me today is a day of remembrance - but then it turns to worship!

    I like your words. I like the fact that you are able to share exactly what He has placed in your heart.

    Have a blessed day!

    Mrs. M.

  6. Your willing heart and beautiful writing will smooth away the armor without it even noticing! Lovely.

  7. Yes, I too, am a hard love! I know God loves me and yet doubt it too. I constantly need to pray, "I believe, help me overcome my belief". That short story in the gospels always gives me great hope!
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Dear Jen,

    I am so glad to be here, with you! I have missed you and thank you for your faithful encouragement these days I've been on the road!

    I love this and the reality of us being hard love...amen and amen and to fight to not self-protect and be open to the point of deep, even agonizing hurt is a way only He can lead us in...I love your journey, how you share it and you! hugs:-)

  9. I don't know anyone who doesn't experience doubt at times. And love, yes, love is a tricky thing isn't it? The more fully we give out love the more we have a chance of getting hurt. It's worth it, though!

  10. Such an insightful perspective...
    My doubting so hardens my heart, so constricts its ability to embrace His Goodness.
    Thank you, as always, Jen -
    Teri @ StumblingAroundInTheLight

  11. Thank you, Jen.
    I will carry the image of a soft heart with me today. Let's see what a difference it makes.
    Love you!


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