Wednesday, April 27, 2011

inhaling truth

I sit here, waiting.

For inspiration.
For creativity.

And, while I wait, I feel a bit guilty.  There are other things to do.  Like work stuff for VBS.  Like making beds.  Cleaning bathrooms.  Lesson planning.

But the truth is, I feel the need for a moment of rest. Something freeing to do as I sip my tea and let the wind blow through the screen.  I need to listen to the wind rustle in the trees.  I desire to carve out precious moments and lay them down as an offering to my Maker.  Just me tuning into what He might want to say.

But first, I realize I must rid myself of filters.  Filters like to-do lists and previous conversations with others.  Past sins for which I have already sought forgiveness.  Filters like questioning my abilities and doubts about the right path.  Because, I want to sit at the feet of Jesus and be unhindered.  I want to hear clearly and not let His words be muddled.  I want them to wash over me like crystal clear, icy water.  I thirst for restoration.

I sit, my eyes close, the knots in my back begin to relax.  The wind blows across my skin.  I let my hands separate from the pose of prayer and end up laying them in my lap, my palms up.  I am ready to receive.

And after a few moments of blissful silence, these words float into my mind.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

And a smile plays upon my lips.  And I breathe in deeply the relief and the refreshment that He offers.  And I hear words:

Be flexible.
Let go of perfectionism.
Do your best and let that be enough.
And when the overwhelm comes,
Lay it down again.
And again.
Because I want to do it with you.
Don't leave Me out.
For you can do all things
with Me.

Linking with emily at imperfect prose.


  1. Nice - you meditation bore fruit. Excellent conclusion.

  2. Love your writing! "And, while I wait, I feel a bit guilty." Why do we often feel this way? I have these guilty feelings unless my family is asleep. Father uses our words to shine, to show His love to others. I pray that you and I (since I struggle with this much) will feel His peace when waiting for inspiration.

  3. Oh Jen...the time when I had to do this, was a time of so much pain. To finally admit that I am not perfect and that without Him, I can not do anything!

    Thank you dear one for sharing. And yes, He will walk with you through this time.

    Just let Him :)


  4. way to be a wise girl, to sit as His feet so that you may carry on....this is one where we learn that THIS is how we will get that 'to-do' list finished well, who wants to do it without fueling up with His strength anyway? His strength is bigger, better, and more sufficent anyway...yes, yes, it is!

  5. You have it just right. Isn't it wonderful when the Creator of the Universe chooses to use YOU.

  6. thank you for taking the time to sit so you could hear that last bit of was well worth it..smiles.

  7. Beautiful. Being still and listening is always a struggle. Love the picture.

  8. You have amazing discipline! To receive the peace and inspiration in such a short period of time, to me, speaks volumes of your ability to force yourself to focus in the first place. Enjoy that inspiration :)

  9. *Inhaling* I love this verse.. it gives me mental and physical strenght..... thank you for sharing!

  10. Glad you found time to sit at Jesus' feet! Speaking of letting go of perfectionism--I looked at my post I linked yesterday and realized I'd forgotten to add the button. Actually, I had included it, then I accidentally deleted the whole post. When I rebuilt it, I forgot to add the button the second time. Sheesh! Anyway, I love the community at imperfect prose and the way emily encourages us to bring our imperfections to Jesus.

  11. You have a distinct way of speaking directly to my heart. The one line that jumped out at me this week was "conversations with others". I can get so dragged down by a hurtful or nonencouraging conversation that I get completely sidetracked.

    Thanks for speaking to me.

  12. I felt my own knots loosening as I read on, Jen. Sitting at the feet of My Lord. What a lovely, lovely liberating gift.

  13. Beautiful and I never thought of calling them filters before. love that image. thanks for sharing

  14. aaaahhh....
    Sometimes we all need that moment. Yes, you can do all things through Him... awesome truths.
    Great job girl!

  15. What a perfect fitted word. Thank you so much for sharing. I know I have felt the exta way you desribed. Lessons we all could learn from our quiet time. Thank you for sharing your word from the Lord. Lay it down He wants to do it with us. Love it Im never alone perfect.

  16. You have such a way to put feelings into words...
    Your post reminded me of a verse I was chewing on just today. "You chart the path ahead of me and tell me where to STOP and REST. Every moment you know where I am." Psalm 139:3
    He told you today to STOP and REST so you could be renewed and taught.

  17. Thank you for being so vulnerable, allowing us into this quiet moment between you and Jesus!

    I love the thought "you can do all things with Me"...


  18. Those filters...I know what you mean, so much can get clogged in there! :) Love this peaceful, quiet meditation with Him.

  19. you know what I'm thinking today Jen? that sometimes the wind blowing over me and sound of nature and my eyes closed and just breathing are all I need at that moment. Sometimes I think it should be this big ole' bam! and I am learning that it is just enough for where I am at that time. OK - did that make any sense?:) to much sweet

  20. To sit and listen is to activate inspiration...

  21. This was really beautiful. And it really spoke to me. I am actually trying to get the phrase "I am overwhelmed" out of my vocabulary because all it does is take my eyes off Him. Anyways, thanks again, as always.

  22. Because I want to do it with you. - love that. I'm so worn out this week and today I needed to hear, "Just lean back and rest in Me." He is so much gentler to me than I am to myself. I need the courage to come back and just sit an listen. I'm workin' on it.

  23. My favorite verse. ;)

    Love your style of writing!


  24. I want to sit at the feet of Jesus and be unhindered.

    oh jen... you don't know how this post ministers to me this evening. thank you.

  25. Lately I've been convicted, in a loving way, that I do not sit near as much as I should. And when I am sitting, my mind is racing. I have been asking the Lord to teach me to slow down. Yet, when I do, I too feel guilty, like there is something I should be doing. Thank you for this post.

  26. This post speaks to me. I struggle to just sit and when I do, removing my filters can be next to impossible. This is beautiful, peaceful and encouraging.


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