Sunday, April 24, 2011

It Was for Freedom

It feels like a new year.
He is risen.
He has broken the chains of death,
Assured victory,
Delivered salvation,
to anyone,
yes, you,
anyone willing to accept His Hand,
His Love.
You are no longer bound,
not to the law,
not to your sin,
not to the perfect standards to which
you may hold yourself.
It was for FREEDOM
that Christ has set us free.
You are free.
He has risen.
The freedom is offered from His pierced Hands.
Take it.
It is yours.
All for free.

"So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law."
Galatians 5:1, NLT

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  1. Oh how He loves you! Oh how He loves me! Oh how He loves you and me!

  2. "He has risen.
    The freedom is offered from His pierced Hands.
    Take it.
    It is yours."...and many pass it by...unwilling to hand over sinning ways to horribly sad to miss it

  3. Beautiful art, beautiful message, my friend, Jen.

  4. I love this piece of art! And the words...I needed to hear them today. I need the start of a new year today. Thank you for the reminder that is was for freedom...Christ has set us free.

    He is risen indeed!

  5. You are so talented. Where the Spirit of the Lord is....THERE IS FREEDOM! Yeay!

  6. How beautifully you express this precious facet of the Resurrection: its result in the everyday life of anyone who accepts Him! Thank you, dear friend.

  7. YES!!!! Freedom. Exactly!

    Thank you Lord. He is Risen!!!

  8. oh Jen! perfect!! I have been thinking of this 'freedom barometer' a lot recently and how clear it is to see when I am not free...b/c he has given it to all of us--freedom! to love! be His! and live in this glorious unshakable hope! hallelujah!

  9. Awesome artwork, Jen -- I love how much it adds to these verses.

  10. Amen, Amen, my dear blog friend. You have no idea the number of times that I have repeated that verse to myself.

    But then again, maybe you do...

    Great Monday reminder. I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  11. me too..thankful for freedom. thankful for your friendship:) and your crazy cool art:) loving your new picture!

  12. Nothing sounds more powerful to me than His freedom. How many of us have chains that need to be broken? :O)

  13. Freedom-- from sin, law, standards... And all for free for us. So thankful for freedom in Him! And-- perfect art to go along with the verse!

  14. One of my favourite verses....I did my 'five minute friday' based on this thought. Love your artwork :)

  15. Ah, it looks like God has been speaking to us about the same things. What a wonderful way to rejoice in the freedom that He brings. I love this!

  16. Oh, yes--art is always a playdate :). Jen, these words just unfetter me. We have been out of town a couple days...visiting family. Always a stressor for this one--lots of love, but much other stuff too. And then, my boy had a fall and after five hours in the ER last night we find he has a fracture in his arm (Thank the Lord it was only his arm!).

    I need these lifegiving words this morning! It will be a busy day of catching up at the hospital where I work, but I hope to write a little about these past couple days and link up tonight.

    Love to you, dear sister.

  17. Beautiful! And how the poem just acts as a bow with the arrow of the Word pointed at the heart...what each heart needs to freedom applies specifically to that heart's need!


  18. Beautiful! It's such a privilege to be free...walking without bondage. Lovely thoughts today!

  19. your beautiful image and words have brought tears to my eyes.

  20. The freedom is offered from His pierced Hands. Awesome! Such a wonderful post and I love the cross. Beautiful!

  21. I love the pictute, the pencil, the muted look PERFECT! I am coming over from Studio JRU


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