Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 1: A Heart Check

Jen Final
The first step is a heart check.

It might be beating rapidly at the moment.  With anticipation, maybe even a little dread.  Often we profess with our mouths that we know that God’s plan for us is sovereign, complete, the best.  But when it comes time to actively seek this plan for ourselves, sometimes we start to doubt and questions start to swirl in our minds.

Does God really have a specific plan for me?
Is His plan really good?
What will I have to sacrifice?
What will have be uprooted out of my heart?
Will I really be able to hear His voice?
How do I know that it is Him?
Am I going to have to sell everything, give it all to the poor, and move to Africa?
Am I really able to do what He asks me to do?

I want you to know that this is a safe journey, not because there won’t be scary moments and hard trials, but because we serve a God who loves us fiercely and brilliantly.  He knows our every need.  He knows our every struggle and temptation and gifting.  He knows us inside out, for He created us intentionally and beautifully.  As we seek answers to our questions, we get closer to this perfect Father.  We get to know Him more deeply and more intimately.  As sheep always know the voice of their shepherd, so will we know the voice of our Shepherd.

Challenge:  Write down the questions, fears, and hopes that you have surrounding the idea of God calling you.  You can keep these personal or you can share some of them in the comments.  Praying that as you honestly pour out your heart, you will feel His grace and love surrounding you in every moment.

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  1. I look forward to reading your posts this month!

  2. So excited to join with you, Jen. This is going to be a great month!

  3. Beautiful thoughts...I will have to be thinking about these during church...I know I have a few questions, but as I was called so long ago...I think the waiting can be the hardest...and you often wonder "When"? God bless!

  4. I have this dream in my head but I question if it is the LOrd or not...I don't want to waste time where I could be effective to the kingdom elsewhere, but then, I want to obey and do what it is He has me to do to further His kingdom and glorify who He is. Great questions Jen...exactly where this girl is at.

    Hey, I have yet to receive anything back...should I have by now? I want to provide you with the rest...just curious if you know. Let me know via e-mail if you would. Thanks!


  5. As soon as I read this I thought, yes, yes, yes, that girl is onto something, and you are. . .big commitment=big results. Can't wait to see where this leads you.

  6. "Will it hurt?"...that is always mine.

    Loved this: "I want you to know that this is a safe journey...because we serve a God who loves us fiercely and brilliantly."

    Can't wait to see where all this will take you...and those of us along for the ride :)

  7. I love this beginning post, and I read the explanation post below and absolutely love the 31 posts challenge.

    I saw several (OK, all of them) that would interest me.

    This is great.

  8. I am looking forward to joining this month and posted today on my blog.
    Thanks for this beginning piece.

  9. Have I mentioned what an encourager you are, Jen? The way you share your own fears and weaknesses instead of pretending to have everything figured out... thanks for coming alongside us as an equal!

  10. Thanks Jen! I look forward to following your blog and have posted the link on facebook.

  11. I'm really exited about this new series, Jen!

  12. I think the most lingering question is that He will ultimately call me to something (a dangerous/closed area of the world, is most often, what i think) and leave me is even scary to type...we both know what a lie that is. And, I know, if He does, I will have peace for me and those I love.

    I love your heart and this journey!!

  13. Tiny steps toward something big, Jen. Resting in Him all the way. That doesn't sound so scary if you look at it that way... Neat, neat journey.

  14. I think it is a great idea and useful to write down the questions, fears, and hopes. This new series sounds wonderful.


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