Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 16: God in the Gut

Jen FinalCall it what you want...

A gut feeling.


A sixth sense.

The Holy Spirit.

It's that knowing feeling in my stomach. In some way, I am being prompted to action. It could be God calling me to speak out about something. It could be Him trying to turn me away from a bad decision or asking me to intercede on someone's behalf. But whatever the cause, I know that when my insides start squirming, chances are I need to stop and listen. God wants in.

I remember in college, I was dating a guy that wasn't good for me. I was putting up with behaviors that weren't edifying. I was sacrificing my own self-worth so to not sacrifice a chance at being "loved." The whole time that I was dating him, I could barely eat. I knew in my gut that God was telling me that this was not the path, but I was actively choosing disobedience. That disobedience literally ate away at me for the months that I was with him. At every meal, God reminded me with that sick feeling in my stomach that I was trying to find healing and restoration in a place other than Him.

As if I didn’t already know that He was the reason that my stomach continually churned, I received further confirmation when the relationship ended. How did it end, you ask? One night, lying in my bed, I confessed my disobedience, but told God that in order to walk in a different direction, I needed Him to take the feelings that I had for this boy away from me – heart, body, and soul. The next morning I woke up and the idea of being is pseudo girlfriend repulsed me.

I enjoyed a good breakfast to celebrate.

Challenge: Has God spoken to you through your gut? Can you pull examples from your life where you’ve felt Him but ignored Him? What happened? What about when you acted? What happened? Do you have any gut feelings now that need to be explored?

(Note to readers:  Just to clarify, I'm not saying that EVERY time you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that it is God.  It could be fear, nervousness, or some other emotion.  But it is worth seeking Him about when you feel it, asking for confirmation that it is His prompting OR asking for His peace to cover you if it is something not of Him.

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  1. Awesome post, Jen. I think God uses this way most often to get me to move. I have really learned to "listen to my gut" as they say.

  2. love that thought that God wants in, such a great way to express it.

  3. This is yet another one that I relate to well. I have had that "gut" feeling and been unable to put my finger on some clarity. After a while, other pieces start to come together to confirm the feeling, either through spoken words, the written Word, or other ways.

  4. I am popping over from Gg - Notes on the Journey to say thanks from the bottom of my heart for your recent support during my dad's open heart surgery.

    Over 60 comments with prayers and well wishes, including yours. Such sweetness. It helped me not feel quite so alone, having recently moved to Chicago.


  5. God doesn't usually talk to me this way but I have a friend who He uses this with often. I did notice a low-lying anxiety this morning. I asked God and felt that this was just a signal that I needed to come and spend sometime with Him. Kind of like a morning alarm. So I did and the anxiety is gone.

  6. "trying to find healing and restoration in a place other than Him"...good for me to think on.

    and yes, i've quite literally had that "gut" feeling, given that i'm in the process of cleaning out my actual gut as an act of obedience! :)

  7. Yes! I know the feeling well. God has used it many times to move me away from something dangerous, or closer to Him. "God in the Gut"--loved the title!


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