Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 24: The Fallibility of Feelings & Soli Deo Gloria Party!

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Jen Final
Right now, I'm struggling with my feelings.  The feelings in the pit of my stomach that tell me:

You are not good enough.
You are not doing the right thing.
You are not worthy to rest.
You are not a good mother.
You are not a good writer.
You are doing this all wrong.

After a morning of these feelings, Hannah and I went on a run/bike ride.  At some point during the run, I had a moment of clarity:

None of these statements that had been running through my mind all morning contain hope.  They are absolute negatives with no room for light.  

Through faith and through the Word, I know that God wants me to press on to win the prize.  Those statements above?  They stop me in my tracks.  I know that He loves me.  Those statements above?  They are not words of love.  I know that He delights in me.  Those statements above?  They steal my joy.  Thus, I can draw the conclusion that those statements above are not God's voice.

I have the choice to turn off the broken record that resounds in my head when circumstances or even my own failings push the 'play' button.  I can shirk the negativity and press into His heart.  I can choose to see my mistakes through His eyes, instead of with the dismal perception of my own.

Challenge:  What statements run through your brain that you know are not of Him, and yet, they seem to grab hold and consume you?  How do you combat them?


  1. So...My weekend has been full of these same thoughts, and I have been struggling with believing the truth and letting go of the lies. I didn't write a linkup post as I just felt like I didn't have anything worth anything to write! Thank you for posting!

  2. Oh goodness, all of what you said and more! For me, the hardest part is the first part - realizing that the reason I am anxious is that I'm letting those thoughts control my every move. That realization leads me straight to prayer, which helps so much.

  3. You're right, Jen -- they're feelings and I combat them with faith. (and with the knowledge of how much control I have over all of this anyway...!) Someone greater loves me more than I can imagine. That chases a lot away.

  4. Ahh...Core lies. Yuck.

    I'm getting better at discerning the enemy's voice but I still grapple with feelings of ingratitude and mother guilt.

    I love your realness, girl. Thank you for that - you are not alone in your thoughts.

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  5. I'm pretty good at feeling fatigue but mistaking it for "being completely finished, unworthy and non-talented as a writer." I shall use your litmus test and ask myself whether my interpretation of my feeling lines up with what God has said/would say to me. Bless you!

  6. the lies are about all kinds of ways i don't measure up. and i do battle with scripture. memorized scripture.

  7. Um, so, that's uncanny....go read my link-up for this week! Same page or what!?!

    My thought in response to your post: the enemy is entirely un-creative. We all struggle with the same ol', same ol', and it's all a bunch of *&$^!, if you know what I mean. I long for more freedom for us both. I'm sorry you've been struggling with negative thoughts about yourself. You're a Rock Star.

  8. I was there today. It caught up with me so much, that I actually considered not blogging for a while. I asked my son why he does the talent that God has given him -drawing. His answer (in my post I linked up) was just what I needed to hear to keep going.

  9. The fact that you had that moment of clarity is huge! And so important for stopping those lies dead in their tracks. Way to measure those words with truth!

  10. "I have the choice to turn off the broken record" ... yes. every day, i have to do this. i am feeling this fight with you.

  11. This is what gives me restless nights at times. Satan just loves to make us feel less than so that we may not be any good to the Father and what we can accomplish thru Him. So, I say to you, keep those verses running thru your head that give you strength and power thru Him and in Him and the enemy will leave you alone!

  12. I could have listed everything on your list and more. Mainly, I struggle with feelings of incompetence and failure.

  13. Jen you and I share so many of the same self doubts. And you are so right - no hope in this sentences. No gratitude either. I find if I begin to find things i am thankful for it really counters the negative.

  14. oh yes, I've struggled with those same thoughts. Especially the you're not a good enough writer. The enemy loves to speak doubt into our minds, but I have to cling to the truth--I am complete in Him. I am who I am by God's grace.

    Praying you'll continue to walk in that grace.


  15. I have the choice to turn off the broken record. I SO need to remember that.

  16. Oh girl, rebuke those lies!!!! Confession...I often come to your blog, and think, I will never measure up to ummmm, yea, I battle the same thoughts. I usually combat them with scripture, and a counselor trick that works is that when it really gets rough, wear a rubber band around your wrist and pop yourself with it, and say out loud "STOP", when you have a negative thought...sounds crazy...but totally works!

  17. I have been blessed in that I grew up confident in God's love and surrounded with His blessing. Always believed i was the apple of God's eye! But of course sometimes negative thoughts come and attack because that's what the devil does. He lies to us! I remember what my brother in law said during a talk. Negative thoughts, critical thoughts are like a mad dog. Keep it on a leash. Stop it right away the minute it starts. Because if you let it go, it will lead you far away. Patsy from

  18. It is something that was said in a prayer meeting one night...and it usually pops back up in my mind as I find myself swept away in the river of emotion:
    "Our feelings are most usually not an accurate interpretaion of the reality we are in."
    I needed this post today...funny how that works, as I always write my Monday post before I head over here...but I needed to know that I am not alone and that we can find comfort in each other as we try to get back up.

    Praying for you you are beautiful, both inside and out!!
    Hugs to you!!!

  19. Well, you already know that I am struggling with these feelings tonight-I'm not being a good mommy. So thankful for this post. These feelings-I will choose to stop the record.

  20. For's battle fear...mostly when it comes to our kiddos...for safety, health, salvation. But again--they are his lies that creep in.
    Thank you for this Jen. So true.
    Side note--I've been a bit checked out of the blog world lately, but I've missed these gatherings...always appreciate when you share your heart. And I can usually relate (almost too well :)

  21. I am learning slowly but surely, that when I have these thoughts (which is often!) to measure them against what God's word says. You've done this here - I think the thing is we have to constantly speak the word in defense of what we 'feel'. God bless, Tracy

  22. I refer to my comment above : Speak the word in defense AGAINST what we feel. God bless, Tracy

  23. I recognize those lies so well. I hear them often. Sometimes the only way I can get them to stop is to do battle by singing familiar hymns--especially the ones about grace that is greater than all my sin.

  24. Lies, lies, lies. It took me years to understand the Psalms. I never could related to David, because I thought that my enemies would be other people--like warriors combat. Then the Spirit revealed to me that the enemy was within. God's word became more powerful than ever. Thank you for your transparency. I love it.

  25. Everything that we are comes down to two either believe the lie or believe in Him.

    Thank you for this Jen.

    Mrs. M.

  26. Oh, Jen...thank you. Earlier today I was thinking about all the negative things my feelings are telling me. And now you've given me a way to quiet them and listen harder for the voice my heart wants to follow.

  27. Jen you are amazing to me. I love all the wonderful encouraging you give all the time. Isnt it funny how the enemy trys to trick and lie to us. and we buy right into it. I know for me I do all the time. I think Im never good enough no one will love me or like me and so much more. so insecure I am. Thank you for always being so real with us and honest.
    I am awarding you a blog award you can go pick up over at my blog www,
    Many blessing in Him


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