Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 25: More than Motions

Jen Final
The truth is, the very hard truth is, that sometimes we can be doing everything right on the surface but still feel dead inside.  There can be so many different reasons for these feelings of nothingness.  For me, the nothingness-feeling comes from:


...and probably a myriad of other things that just aren't popping into my head right now at this late hour.  But, just like we talked about yesterday, feelings aren't Gospel Truth.  God is so much bigger than anything we could ever put on that list, so much so, that we can be radically free from the process of just going through the motions.

Just one more note before I leave you with a song, sometimes we go through the motions because we want to avoid uncovering pain, sorrow, depression, etc.  But, if we continue to let that remain stuffed down, the deadness inside will not go away.  It is in the offering up, despite the potential pain, that allows the fullness of life in.  God can use that pain (even if it is so unfathomable now) to bring this life more so than going through motions could ever elicit.

I hope this video brings encouragement.

Challenge:  Has there been a time in your life when you felt like you were just going through the motions?  How did you get out of it?  Please share in the comments for others to glimpse at the hope that awaits.  Are you currently in this state?  Are you willing to ask God to show you the root cause?

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  1. Going through the motions. This is what I feel on Sundays when I get ready to attend services.

    I have had to totally stop in order to find the true meaning behind it.

    Excellent post dear friend,

    Mrs. M.

  2. YES. Sometimes, I feel as if I'm outside myself looking in at some kind of robot on autopilot. In fact, if I do not stay IN THE WORD, that's where I nearly always end up, if that makes sense.

  3. Hi Jen. Yes, when I've been very hurt I feel I go through the motions as a way of preventing myself from imploding! The only way I have ever gotten out of that mode is by forgiving (daily for a while) but soon you look back and realize that you are starting to be in a different space where you feel stuff other than hurt, anger, numbness. You start to feel a smile come on or something tickles your funny bone. God changes you when you focus on Him even though for a while it does not feel like it!
    God bless

  4. Oh yeah, I've been there. Sometimes I do just have to muddle through until things get better. Sometimes going through the motions is the best I can offer. It feels just awful, that's for sure. But if I can make my way through to the other know what they call that, right? A testimony, girlfriend! With God getting all of the credit!

  5. I'm with Deidra. When I find myself going through the motions the worst thing I can do is stop. I find that if I keep going through the motions of reading my Bible, attempting to pray, meeting with believers, the fog begins to lift and suddenly reading the Bible makes sense again, words come to my prayers and I enjoy fellowship again. If I stop, I just sink further.

  6. Such real honesty you have shared here....not long now and it will be day 31. What a journey it has been for you.

  7. I have so felt at times that I was going through the motions. Sometimes lately even-just plugging along to get to the end of the school year. This was a good reminder to think about this. I don't want to just go through the motions.


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