Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 26: Are You Willing?

Have you ever been in the position where you hear God loud and clear and yet, you just aren't quite willing to move in the direction that He has asked you to move?

Or maybe, you decide to not listen so intently so you can feign innocence and declare that you just missed the memo?

Jen FinalI've had experiences with both scenarios.  But, because I am a rule-follower at heart and really hate to disappoint, I finally come around and do what He wants me to do.

But recently, I haven't been obeying just because I'm afraid of consequences or disappointing God.  I'm obeying because I genuinely trust that He knows what He's doing.  And, honestly, obedience has become an act of pleasing because I love Him and not because I'm afraid of being ousted from the family.

It's taken me a long time to get to this point.  And, there are times I still slip back into old thought patterns, but I'm starting to see the positives of going...willingly.  With a smile.  With joy.  With trust.  With hope.

Challenge:  Evaluate your state of willingness.  Examine the heart behind your current state.

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  1. Oh yeah, I've done this. I'm pretty good at feigning innocence, but I really hate that feeling in my heart that builds over time when I don't listen. I pray that I don't become hardened and I need the courage and will to obey.

  2. I can really identify with this post. you are right on. I have even had the experience where I couldn't discern which direction to go and I heard God gently say _ what do you really want? I knew deep down He would bless either direction. That hasn't happen very often but really spoke to me what a kind, gracious God we have.

  3. Your state of willingness...Oh, I really like this sentence. It is exactly how we are to live.

    But this state is not easy to achieve, because, like you shared, it is a fear of disappointing Our Father.

    Jen, to say that I have been blessed by these series seems little compared to what it has been doing inside me - and how your thoughts have provoked deeper mediation.

    Continue to be used Jen...for His Glory!

    Mrs. M.

  4. Hey there ... just so you know I am following you on networked blogs under my other alias - Positive Parenting :)...for some reason the other followers button was blank. If you feel inclined to sharing your wisdom with us and inspiring a few girls then the weekly linky is up and you are most welcome. On another note I have been missing your art....but as I have been trying to do a piece a week I so understand how time consuming it can be.... and I know you have been focusing on your 31 days project.....actually finding time to sit and draw can be a bit of a luxury some weeks.

  5. My state of willingness? What a great thing to ponder. How willing am I to follow Him, even when it brings fear and the unknown? What am I willing to sacrifice? Thanks for this post.

  6. ouch.
    Are your reading my faith-mail???


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