Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 28: The Breath is Free

Jen FinalSometimes I need to hear Him in a jiffy -- in an emergency situation, or when I'm about to completely blow my top, or when I have to make a big decision fast.  But of course when there is all this pressure, my head is foggy, my stomach aches, and I feel as though I am in a desperate panic.  Not ideal conditions for hearing from God.  

And yet He has given me a gift to use in such situations:  breath.  

Just recently, I've noticed my youngest start to have a lot of anxiety about moving on to kindergarten next year.  Her temper has been short, her words loud, her manner self-protecting.  And so, when she starts to get in a tizzy, I started telling her "1, 2, 3, Breathe."  Clearly, I knew that breath can be restoring and healing and centering, but of course it didn't occur to me (because I can be a bit dense at times) for me to do the same thing during these days of high-stress until I went to yoga on Tuesday.  

I can't remember my teacher's exact words, but this is what I took away from it:

The breath is free.
Breathe in everything that you need.
Breathe out everything you don't.

And so, as I stood there on my mat, I asked God to be Lord of my breath.  That I would breathe in deeply the gifts of the Holy Spirit and breathe out all of my short-fused anger, my impatience, my stress, my own anxiety.  All for free, this amazing grace-filled gift from God, can calm my soul so that I can more readily hear the sound of His voice so that He might be Lord of my decisions and Director of my paths.

Challenge:  My own challenge with this is actually remembering to breathe.  What can you do to help remember to breathe in the Holy Spirit's gifts?

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  1. simple, yet so powerful. Just taking a moment to breathe can diffuse anger and help you think clearly in a difficult situation. How important to teach our children this from little ones!

  2. Breathe is my word for the year. Because sometimes I forget this simple thing.


  3. This is such great advice. I need to just breathe today as I am filled with anxiety over I-don't-know-what. It's so strange. Thanks for this timely advice.

  4. So simple, yet so powerful-breath. What a good post! I think I will write the word "breathe" on paper and put it on my mirror as a reminder. Being someone with panic disorder, breathing is key! Thanks for this, Jen.

  5. And isn't it cool that God breathed us into being? Yep, I agree, breath is very, very important!

  6. Profound - things that are profound are normally so because they are so simple, yet so true.
    Amazing post Jen
    God bless


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