Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 3: What Might He Sound Like?

Jen Final

There are many ways that God can talk to you.  And believe me, He wants to listen to your heart cries, your joys,  your questions, and in turn, fill you with His Word, with His love, with His guidance.  He wants all of this because He wants a relationship.  He wants to cultivate intimacy between you and Him.  God will speak, but His Voice can come in many different forms.  As you begin to open up your heart to His voice, I wanted to share with you some of the ways that I have "heard" His voice in my life.  We will look at some today and some tomorrow.  Just to clarify, sometimes these words or images come after a time of prayer and sometimes they come at seemingly random times, catching me off-guard.  I've tried to pair each of these ways with a concrete example from my life.

{1}  A thought will pass through my mind that seems unique or something I would not have necessarily thought of on my own.  I have been prompted before to give money to people for specific needs, even though they haven't asked.  Sometimes it even comes after I've been lamenting my own monetary issues!

{2}  I will have a vision of something happening or see myself or others in a certain situation.  When one of my friends recently approached me about teaching a class using my own "curriculum" at church, I saw an image of the Bible study happening -- a glimpse of what it might look like in the future.

{3}  I will feel inordinately compelled to do something.  When I started this blog, I physically felt like I could no longer keep my words and emotions to myself.  There was a very distinct calling to begin writing my words in a public venue.

Come back tomorrow, for I will be sharing more ways that God has communicated to me in my life.  We will be discussing scripture and a few methods of communication.

Challenge:  Think about and/or journal of sometimes when God may have spoken in your life before.  Through which ways did He communicate?  Have there been times you have seen Him working or heard Him speaking but didn't realize it at the time?


  1. Oh Jen...Our Lord has spoken to you in much the same way to me. But I have also heard Him explicitly in my head. Sometimes a loud 'No!' and sometimes a very affirmative 'Yes!'.

    I am so enjoying these posts Jen...thank you.

    Mrs. M.

  2. Just caught up on the first three days of the 31 day challenge. Have to say: I LOVE it. Thank you for sharing. I'm totally impressed!!!! (and challenged in a good way - I'm trying to do the challenges at the end; they are really helpful)

    One random thought on ways we can sometimes know it's God speaking...sometimes, if I feel He has given me a word for someone and I share it, I literally won't remember it later. the person who received the Word will reference it back to me - days, sometimes weeks later - and I have zero recollection of that moment. that's one way I know it must have been the Holy Spirit talking!

  3. Jen...I love that you are doing this series. Has been a comfort to read...a prompting to keep myself checked-in with Him...a reminder of the amazing walk I have had with Him, all these years.

    Much as you, I have heard God in the ways you listed, but have also had the honor of hearing an audible voice that whispered, called and called me out! Doesn't happen as often as I would like...but when He does speak, I love the overwhelming desire to drop to my face and worship :)

    What a mighty God we serve!

  4. He does speak to us! Have witnessed this many times. Sometimes it is simply through a gentle prompting.

  5. Amen to all of those ways God speaks.

  6. These are great, Jen. I've often had those "random" thoughts that niggled in my brain for a long time.

  7. I have experienced all three of those, Jen. They are all versions of that still, small, voice.

    Once again, I have to say that this is just a great series.

  8. #3. . .when I started blogging and trying to write more seriously. Being a christian? Yes. Sharing my life and my beliefs in the blogosphere? Um, really?

  9. Absolutely love everything about this blog. The art, the layout and design, the words...Bravo! I am so looking for ways to be closer to my Lord. Following!

  10. Isn't God great?! I love when He speaks and I am learning to hear in more and more ways. Love what Bina said: I love the overwhelming desire to drop to my face and worship. Yes! That's it!

    One of my favorites is starting a letter, Dear Robyn, and He begins. I have a couple of these and I am amazed at how timeless the words written in those letters are. Precious.

  11. It's so amazing that He would speak to us...and yes, those ways are wonderful.

  12. Wonderful series, Jen. I'm off to go listen now...
    Love you!

  13. If I'm completely honest? Most days I have a hard time hearing His voice at all - cause the chaos of my life is so LOUD in my ears I can't hear anything but the next fire I've gotta put out...

    Blogging? Internet? Often feels like more noise. Really struggling with if & when & how & where He is calling me to 'speak' - if any call is more LOUD than the call of my home, children, family.

    Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Are you there, God? Hello? I can't heeeeeear You... Can You yell a little louder over the fussing of this teething baby???

    Teri @ StumblingAroundInTheLight

  14. I like your concrete ideas for *how* to listen for God, Jen. So often I hear people tell me, Just listen for His voice, and my reaction is usually, "I don't hear Him!" These ideas will help me keep my ears open to how He may be speaking to me in my life. Thank you!


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