Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 30: Filters

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Jen Final
Yesterday, as I was vacuuming up my kitchen floor, the sound of my floor cleaning machine (how I wish it didn't need me to actually operate it!) was a bit different.  Immediately, I realized that I had forgotten to put the filter in it so that it would keep all those crumbs and such from going wherever they weren't supposed to go.

And I thought, it is the same way with us -- we need a filter.  Every day we are bombarded with messages.  Some are edifying and some are detrimental, but we need to have a way to sift these voices so that we know whether or not they are based in truth.

For example, if I read about the importance of daily Bible reading when I'm five days behind in my Bible in One Year, I will probably feel convicted.  At that point, with me, I then turn conviction (a nudging of the Holy Spirit to spur me on to better choices) into condemnation.  The original message from God is:  I love you and I want you to know this.  I want you to have my Word as a tool and as a comfort.  The messages that usually follow either from myself or the enemy say this:  You are such a slacker. I can't believe you can't keep up with this.  I can keep the truth of the original message and see what God is saying and let the other stuff just fall through, not touching my soul and not warping my mind.

Challenge:  What filters do you already have in place?  Where do you need to place a filter in your life?  What examples can you share with us?

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  1. Love your illustration. I find that I often need a filter with all the media that I absorb every day, online, TV, magazines, etc. On any subject - parenting, cleaning, faith, politics - I can get overwhelmed. When I find myself with information overload, I have to apply the filter of, "Wait. What do YOU want me to do, God?" That always simplifies things.

  2. If you are a perfectionist that voice that changes conviction to condemnation is loud. I just read a devotional that talked about how it is amazing that I have a hard time hearing the voice of God in my life, but the voice of Satan, that tells me I'm not good enough, comes loud and clear. I'm with you.
    I get to link tonight, finally! Yeay!

  3. Hi Jen
    This is a great post. Its a great picture! I know I could do with filters in many areas of my life. God's word is the best filter, we just need to use it. Thanks for the practical application.
    God bless

  4. great post, Jen! I agree with Tracy. God's word is the best filter. I need to be in it more.

    glad to have you at Our Journey Home today!


  5. I have been away from the computer for a few days, but I have been thinking of you, Jen! My main filter is my conscience, which is forever being molded to Him. But lately, I just seem to let my flesh rule. Still a work in progress, me.
    Love to you, lady.

  6. AMEN! I've been thinking about filters all weekend because I've been DEEP cleaning my house. Last thing on the list? Change the air filter. A good reminder. I'll think on it more!

  7. Thanks goodness for filters. Sometimes I lose mine and have to get it back in place! When my filter is firmly in place (reading and spending time with God) I can hold fast to His promises. It's when I get busy and lose track and then I lose Him!

  8. Filters-oh how I need filters right now.


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