Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 7: Misunderstandings

Jen FinalThe other night, I was at a birthday party for a friend.  There was a whole conglomeration of people there from different parts of her life, some of whom I had not seen in many years.  One of the girls said something along the lines of how I looked exactly the same as when I got married.  I was flattered!  Looking the same after almost 11 years of marriage and two kids?  I'll take it.

Later that night, though, I started thinking that had I been in another frame of mind, perhaps if I had let my insecurities get the best of me, I could have taken her response to my appearance in a completely different way.  You see, I am 50 pounds lighter now than when I got married.  I could have thought something like: "Wow, I guess I still look as heavy as I did back then" and spent the rest of the night sulking or focusing on the cellulite that still dots my legs.

We can have misunderstandings when we read scripture or hear thoughts or words that are from God.  We must always be cognizant of the mind frame from which we are seeking.  What kind of baggage gets in the way of hearing the truth of God's Word?  What is in the forefront of our minds when we are asking Him questions?  Are there lies or fears that we use to filter God's response to us?

Challenge:  Take a look in the spiritual mirror.  Are there reoccurring lies that you continually use to filter what other people or God say to you?  Do you let your insecurities or your fears influence how you interpret His Word?  Write these down.
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  1. Jen,
    I have spent the last little bit catching up on your journey and must say how wonderful each day's words are. This has been a busy week and my head is spinning! Slowing down and listening for God's voice is a must in week's like this one! Also, I have been praying for you this week. How brave you are to step out in faith and follow His voice! He will honor that, friend. Love to you.

  2. Oh, this is so true. I have to consciously choose which way to interpret comments like that. Great reminder, Jen.

  3. Such good wisdom here Jen. I am now thinking through some possible filters I have-I know they are there, less now than before-but some are still there. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. 50 pounds lighter . . . wow.


  5. I think this is an important part of understanding God's voice. We all have a filter.

  6. "We must always be cognizant of the mind frame from which we are seeking."

    Wow - that kinda slapped some sense into me. Thank you...cuz I am the girl who would have taken that completely the wrong way!! I need to spend some time in prayer on that...

  7. well, just BAM. This is one that hits me straight between the eyes because I struggle with insecurities.

    I don't often stop to consider that I could let them get between me and understanding the Word of God. I'm going to be prayerfully pondering that one.

  8. Okay, well I am amazed at the 50 pounds lighter, cause I am, ughhhhhh, 40 pounds heavier, LOL!

  9. ah, that's very we think...sure does affect things. Great post.

  10. 50 pounds? Holy Moly!!! That's incredible, friend! I had a similar situation on Facebook recently. Someone gave me what I thought was a backhanded compliment and I responded as kindly as I possibly could in return (it was hard...I could think of so many sarcastic things to say in response. But then she replied with one of the highest compliments I've ever received. And I realized I totally misread her first comment to me. Her heart was in the right place and mine was not. I always have to remind myself to "believe the best" about other people.

    Great post.

  11. Great challenge for us Jen. I think insecurities and the lies that we have believed often get in the way from really hearing truth. We need to visit that spiritual mirror often to really grasp how God views us. Thanks!

  12. Okay, seriously, this cracked me up! Why? Because when our friend made that comment I was thinking, "wow, I would have received that totally differently, but Jen received it as it was intended - in love and with affirmation. You go Jen!" (I'm serious - these were my exact thoughts in the moment.)

    Beyond that anecdote, this post really resonated with me. I have a lot of work to do in this area. Thanks for sharing. Love you!

    (And for the record, I'm soooo proud of how hard you've worked/continue to work to be healthy. You go girl!)


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