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Day 8: When God Speaks through Another

Jen Final
Today is another day when I'm asking a friend (my best friend, actually) to share her story about hearing God's voice.  Here's Jenny's story...

“You called me a moron.”

“I did?”

Hmm, this was an auspicious beginning.  I had phoned a friend to ask for his help in writing this article.  You see, the topic I’m supposed to write about – how do you know you’re hearing the voice of the Lord? – is one that, for me, often involves forgetfulness.

One of my giftings is prophecy.  As a prophet, I’ll have a specific word for people around me – friends, strangers, you name it.  This can make life interesting.  The question I get most often from people is: “how are you sure you’re hearing the Lord’s voice?” 

Excellent question.  My honest answer?  I’m never sure, not 100% certain, and I don’t believe I can be.  I believe that part of following Christ, including the process of walking out our giftings, is walking in faith.  Sometimes, you just have to try and know that the God who loves all of us will make up for your lack. 

And, it’s a learning process.  The more you try, the more you learn how He works with you specifically. 

And finally, confirmation helps.  When the Body tells you that what you’ve said to them really made a difference, you start to believe that maybe you’re doing something right.  Praise God.

So back to my friend, the moron.  I called to ask him if I had ever given him a word that impacted his life, a word I had claimed was from the Lord and that he, in turn, believed was from our Father.  He replied: “yes, you called me a moron.”  He went on to detail what I said and how it caused him to make a choice he otherwise wouldn’t have made.  How I showed him God at work in his life, and how that gave him faith to follow through with what God had called him to.

Huh, I thought, tongue-in-cheek.  Glad I had that Word.  I was laughing at myself, of course.  I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.  That’s how I know it must have been from the Lord, because I had nothing personal invested it.  It wasn’t about me at all; it was about him and God.  In fact, I’m so uninvolved that I can’t even remember what I said.

The bottom line about hearing God?  It’s all about Him

Invite the Holy Spirit to give you an encouraging word for a friend and then submit it to that person with humility, telling them you think this is from the Lord as best you can tell but that they should, of course, test it.  Journal what the Lord gives you so that you can follow up later and see if the word bore fruit.

This is actually only a small tidbit of Jenny's story.  The full version is posted at In the Becoming.  Click here to get all the details...

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  1. Another inspiring post in a truly inspired series. Thank you, Jen's friend! (I'm off to check out the rest of her story.)


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