Thursday, June 30, 2011

Similar to the First Squeegee Post

For June, I was assigned the topic of forgiveness at Blissfully Domestic.  Since my first squeegee post was so popular (and I only know this because of the Blogger widget that lists the most popular posts), I used the same concept, but added a few tweaks and twists.  I'd be honored if you'd drop by Blissfully Domestic to check it out. You can find the entire article by clicking here, but scroll down to see a bit of a teaser.

I have come to equate Jesus to a squeegee.  No, I’m not trying to be blasphemous. Jesus and the squeegee have one very important thing in common: both are responsible for cleaning.  The difference is that one cleans our bathroom shower doors and the other, our souls.

Jesus as a Squeegee?
As a very fallible human being, I have to ask God for forgiveness all the time.  Because He is loving and gracious, He heeds my requests and wipes my heart clean when I bow before Him and confess.  He removes my sins as far “as the east is from the west” (Psalm 103:12, NLT). And yet, more often than not, these sins are still as plain as day to me.  God may see me as white as snow, completely purified, but when I see myself, I still see the long list of sins that I have committed.
Imagine the shower doors completely speckled with water droplets.  I squeegee one shower door, removing all trace of water and scum, making it completely transparent.  I then switch the doors and for a moment and the uncleaned door is directly behind the cleaned one.  No longer does my first door look immaculate at all – I can only see the water and scum on the second door.  It is as if I never cleaned anything.  All the dirt and scum and water are still there.

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  1. Hi Jen. Great analogy. I think we find it hardest to forgive ourselves and the devil helps by reminding us how dirty the 'shower door' was in the first place.
    God bless

  2. This is so true, and something I struggle with from time to time. I'm so glad God's ways are higher and that when He removes it, it's gone! Satan likes to drag things back up to distract us, but we an rest nothing that when He says it's gone, it's gone!

  3. I'm GLAD I went over to read the post. Lovely, Jen!


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