Friday, August 12, 2011

5 Minute Friday: Beauty

From the Gypsy Mama:
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I saw the word and immediately my heart started to flutter.  Maybe flutter isn't even the right grew heavy, tight.  What is it about the word beauty that sends me into a tizzy?

I can talk all day about the beauty of the soul, about creation, about how the face alights when the Holy Spirit shines through with grace and love.  I can see beauty in my kids and I can honestly look in the mirror on some days, when the hair is right, when the make-up is on, when my clothes fit just so, and declare that there is a form of beauty there...

But it always seems so fleeting.  Even the beauty of the inside-kind.  My heart grows dark, my spirit grows weary, my bad habits and sinful tendencies seem to be able to wash beauty away in an instantaneous moment....when I'm not even aware that is going to happen.

Perhaps I have always equated beauty with perfection...moments in time when all the world seems right, when things are smooth, when hope and joy are in abundance.

But maybe beauty can live in chaos.  Maybe beauty can live in pain.  Maybe beauty can live in me, despite me.


My beautiful grandmother I just got back from visiting...
Linking with the Gypsy Mama.


  1. Beautiful! I feel much the same way, I'm beauty's worst enemy sometimes! Well put.

  2. I saw this picture on FB - it's lovely (and beautiful!). But you're right, I often link beauty and perfection together, not in other people but myself. And when I do it, I never measure up. It's then I have to hold tight to Ps. 139:14,15 - we're beautifully and wonderfully made. :)

  3. Beautiful thoughts. I think I may have to do go and do this today. <3

  4. Beautiful post. :) To so many beauty means perfection. That is so not the case. I love to find the beauty in what others think is ugly.

  5. Oh, my, yes, Jen. I get this. I may have equated beauty with perfection as well. But, you are right, beauty is found in chaos and pain too, for beauty is around us wherever God's love is (everywhere!).

  6. Beauty = perfection. I've lived that way,too...and yet, some of my most beautifully cherished memories have been spontaneous, "accidental", unplanned, unperfect moments of life.
    Loved your post! Thank you-

  7. Look at you two...both beautiful. Beauty radiates from you, my friend!

  8. Lovely photo. I think the human face is most beautiful when we smile. great smiles here.

  9. Why is it we can beauty in everyone and everything but ourselves? When I look at the picture of you with your grandmother, I see true beauty. You both are glowing. The One inside us is what makes us beautiful.

  10. Love your honesty. And you always find a way to end on a hopeful note... Thank you! :)


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