Friday, August 19, 2011

5 Minute Friday: New

Meet the Teacher Night

This newness could make me a blubbering mess because, even though I've put on a brave face, the truth is that part of me is dreading this new transition.  And, really, it's not much to dread.  I mean, it's...


But not just kindergarten.  It's kindergarten for...

my youngest child.

Which means, no kids left at home between the hours of 7:15 and 2:45.

And what is a mama to do when the youngest goes?  Do I mourn?  Do I feel anxious?  Do I wonder how this new phase of life might shift my identity?


There is a lot of new for her.

There is a lot of new for me.

And I must admit, I think we both have a case of butterflies in our tummies.  Because although new can be exciting and fresh and a whole new adventure, for those of us who are not so adventurous, new can be scary, a little nerve-wracking, a whole lot of intimidating.

It's time to embrace the new -- whatever it holds for us out there.  But lucky for us "new" is not in charge.

Jesus is.

And since He is King about  making all things new, I think we'll both be okay.

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  1. Uhh I feel ya, my oldest is three and I'm already thinking about his first day of school!! Your girl is adorable btw momma!:)

  2. Oh, those last three sentences. Thank you so, so much for those today!

  3. Oh wow, can't even yet imagine the day when my two littles will make their way to school. But you are right..."new" isn't in charge. Such an important thing to remember! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I wrote about my youngest going to kindergarten, too. And do you know what, I didn't even consider how NEW this alone thing is to me!!!!!It feels soooo strange!!! Hope your sweet little girl is enjoying school!

  5. Jesus, King of all things new. I love that idea.

    It's true, when the youngest reaches school age it is a change. No more babies at home shifts motherhood. You will make it, to not transition is to cripple. Growing up and out is the only healthy option. Any alternative is to wound and/or kill. It's all good, Jen. Practice for sending them to college... ;)

  6. New is good for you and for her! She is beautiful, like her mama
    God bless, have a great weekend

  7. A beautiful post. This helps me to remember that new is not in charge. Very important. Thanks

  8. Yes, we are on the same page today! This is so good...I love how you wrote it! My youngest, however, will definitely be the hardest!

  9. Putting my three in for the very first time. we've always homeschooled. I am going to be a blubbering idiot when the day finally comes... cause what hits most people at K-5 individually... is all hitting me at once 3 times over. Praying for grace for both of us, you and me. :-)

  10. I have to admit that I'm one of those adventurous people who look forward and embrace the new. However, saying all that we are putting middleman in kindergarten this year and this momma is worried. We are hoping to have all of his assistance set up before it starts, but I'm still being momma bear about it.

    I'll be praying for you and your New.

  11. Lots of posts about kiddos heading off to kindergarten today. :) I love how you end this post. New isn't in charge, Jesus is - amen!

  12. Love the photo - what a refreshing, beautiful face, eager to embrace life. You use of the word _ NEW - also a gift. great post. I think you hit the nail on the head when you ponder a 'shift in your identify.": I think all of life involves that constant refining of who we really are and the shedding of who are aren't anymore. Good post

  13. I can hardly remember this time as my kids are 10 and 11 now, but...i have to say I'm happy for you:) As mom's we give so much and this chapter in your life is still about giving just maybe a little differently. Your blog, your dreams of public speaking, taking care of you a little more. Can't wait to see how you fill this new time up with God in the drivers seat. Believe me when I say, it just rolls faster and faster, enjoy it my friend!
    xoBlessings, jill

  14. Oh, look at that smile and the way cool plastic food in the background.

    Praying that you enjoy every moment of your latest "new".

  15. Kindergarten is a big change, I'm sure even more so with the youngest! So thankful the King of New promises to walk with us as we venture into new territory!

  16. You will be ok! And just think about all the time you will have to do the things you never had time for before. And how you can shower her with undivided and extra attention when she gets home. And how special she will feel!

  17. I am with you girl.....I'm in your same sounds like you are handling it much better than I. I have been home with a babe for 16 years, and now to think....oh, the Lord is going to have to take over, or I think I may fall apart beyond when I leave that parking lot of that school. She looks ready, so this is good! (smile)

  18. She looks so beautiful! New is a good thing...hard sometimes, but good.

  19. she is a doll Jen! kindergarten was so hard for me. I did always wait till they were tucked in their class and then cry. is good and yes Laura hard..but good

  20. Loved your post today....I can only imagine what that is like!!! So glad Jesus is ALWAYS by our side...unchanging!!

  21. What a powerful post, Jen ~ I was "Amen-ing" out loud with you! And your daughter is precious! May the Lord infuse you with His peace as you journey through this "new normal".
    Sweet blessings
    Cindy :)

  22. I have to admit, I got a bit nostalgic when each of my two started off to school... but I also did the happy dance.


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