Friday, August 26, 2011

5 Minute Friday: Older

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I almost just closed the computer.  Something about "old" makes me do that.  I'm not sure why I have such a problem with the continual years that creep up on me.  I've been so used to being the "baby" of my group of friends that perhaps I just enjoyed that space and time in my life a little too much.

But the truth is, maybe the number is catching up with who I really am, who I have always been.  I've never really just acted my age, even as a little girl.  I've pretty much built my life around being the grown-up, trying to be really wise, trying to manage everything that comes my way.

And so this week, even though I had pledged to allow myself sometime to play while the children were back at school, I have been stuck in "older."  I have been stuck acting my age -- responsible, mature, taking care of business.  Even when there wasn't work, I made some.  Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed rearranging my pantry and tupperware cabinet, but was there rest in that?

In my 33 years, I still don't know what it means to rest, even after a year of God talking to me about it.  Sure, I think I have more head knowledge, but it hasn't settled into the recesses of my heart and so I am not compelled to take part in it.

I want to get to the place where it's not work to rest, where it's not work to play.  I still have much to learn as I grow older, but learn to live younger.



  1. I can so relate!! This certainly was a writing topic that made one contemplate. Rest. God called us out of Colorado to learn rest and how to truly have a Sabbath. Even in this flat land of Indiana, we still struggle to truly rest. Always something to do. Thanks for writing! Here is my post:

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from. I have spent my life acting older than my age as well. Hope you are able to find some time to just rest and play, enjoy those days.

  3. totally opposite from you but probably in a bad way. I have to MAKE myself be responsible. Even as a mother I would rather sit around with my kid all day and just relax...but I am reminded of the story of Mary and martha in the bible.
    let me say this. it's ok if you are motivated by work or by doing...just let God meet with you while you are there. It's ok to be a doer...the world needs more of them, but delight yourself in the Lord while doing so! "Do everything as doing it for the Lord..." "if you draw near to Him, he will draw near to you" Let those verses sit in your spirit as you alphabetize your spice cabinet and let him reenergize you! God bless and great blog post!

  4. learning to relax is a gift that can come with age...take the baby steps now...and one day relaxing will sneak-up on will find yourself resting in Him...

  5. I understand that, I to am still trying to learn to rest.

  6. I so relate to your post. I had to grow up quickly with what life threw at me. So I really struggle with resting and when I do rest, I feel like I'm being bad. It has a negative contitation in my books. I'm going to have reflect on that on.

  7. I, too, struggle with the reality of getting older...possibly for more vain reasons. ;) But I think I am a little wiser and I have many blessings to show for it, so that is what I try to remember. Hugh...

  8. Jen, I don't know what God has been speaking to your heart, so obviously listen to Him above me ;) But I believe that you everyone is "still" before God in different ways. For you it might be in arranging your pantry and for someone else it might be in sitting beside a peaceful stream. God gave us all different personalities and characters. Find rest in the way that God is leading you. :) Many blessings!

  9. We are the same age! It takes wisdom to understand the importance of rest and I think most moms our age of young children are just now beginning to glimpse that concept: rest is good, make time for it.

  10. It must be hard, Jen. I hope your soul finds rest in God. Let Him lead you. God bless! :-)


  11. "learn to live younger..." I love that!

  12. As I am approaching "50" (aauugghh), all I can say is, When we are still before God, that is true rest. And I'm just waiting for the day when God takes me home and I can rest in Him WITH Him :)
    Did that make sense? When you reach the number above, the brain gets a little foggy at times, but it makes for some interesting conversation and some pretty good laughs at times. :)

  13. I grew up always feeling like I had to be the most mature, too. Many of my friends called me "Mom!"

    I love your last line. Such a powerful thought!

  14. I love that the years stretch out open to what we and God pour in to them. Even thought the passing of years is relentless God is so gracious to give us time to learn, to listen, and to perfect what we've learned. I appreciate your honest words.

  15. I love your candidness in this post, Jen. Learning to rest...well, it is so hard. To get to the point where work is not rest. So true. I think for me it comes down to my desire to be in control. Rest means letting go. I need to let go and trust that things wont fall apart if I do. After all, I'm not in charge...He is! :)

  16. Thanks for your honesty. I enjoy hearing your thoughts, Jen!

  17. Jen thank you so much for your honesty. Wow this post really pricked my heart to pray for you to PLAY! I am very passionate about this topic as I have learned to ask myself what makes me come alive and to practice even those little things to make sure I am living alive. I learned that while on the mission field in nepal where everything about life was hard. So I am going to pray that for you. And again thanks for starting this blog community. I have loved loved loved it!

  18. How does one fully come into rest? Even when I slow down and my body is still, my mind is going 100 miles an hour. The art of resting…I am still learning!

  19. Hi Jen,
    The ability to learn how to rest comes with age. I agree with Ells. It fits well with the topic, "Older." But if I could advise you, I'd say, "Try to learn a little younger."
    The time spent resting, which usually feels like time wasted, is really a rejuvenation of our spirits. Our eyes can finally "see" and our ears can finally "hear." We can be more in tune with the Lord while we rest and our bodies are more equipped to continue on with work.
    I was never good at it before. It has come with fewer responsibilities but at times I still have to make a conscious effort to let something go to drink in God's beauty around me.
    May you find rest slipping into your life more and more.
    I am blessed by your visit and the time I have spent here at your blog. It's something I plan to do more often.

  20. I don't have any clue what it means to rest, either. That's why I am doing the God in the Yard study. Not totally sure it's helping yet! I'm going to write about this rest idea for my nourishment guest post -- I already have a draft written!

  21. this is beautiful.

    my heart is touched. perhaps age is not something for me to fear.



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