Monday, August 8, 2011

Breaking Down Walls, Opening Doors, and Soli Deo Gloria

Welcome to Soli Deo Gloria.  Really, welcome.

I pray as you enter here, you feel overwhelmingly invited.  Soli Deo Gloria is a community of women that seek to encourage, support, love each other with our words.  There is laughter.  There are tears.  There is everything in between.  No matter where you are, who you are, where you have been, I want you to know that you are in the fold.  For more information about this community, please click here.  

This is a growing community (Thank you, Jesus!), so please don't feel that you have to visit every single person that links up.  We are all on a time budget.  That being said, I do invite you to pray and ask God which blogs to visit simply because there may be words for you left in that place or words that God has given you to share to those specific people.  Also, if you would like to be on the email list for reminders and the occasional prayer request, please let me know in the comments.  There have been so amazing ways that God has been working through prayer through these precious ladies.  Blessings to you.

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Clearly last week, I needed to vent.  This week, as I write my post, I am sequestered in a Starbucks and the only person for whom I am responsible is moi.  Sometimes a girl just needs to be alone, even if it's alone in a crowded place.

On Sunday at She Speaks, we met back together with our speaker eval groups.  Our Proverbs 31 facilitator was LuAnn Prater (who is just filled with infinite amounts of awesomeness).  As she handed back Saturday afternoon's evaluation forms, she spoke words from the Holy Spirit over each one of us.

Of course, when she came to me, tears had already filled me eyes.  What would she say?  My heart on the line, my ears carefully attuned, my eyes flitting between her mouth and her eyes, I prayed that I would receive her words.  Of all that she said, these three things rooted in my heart:

(Paraphrasing, of course)

1. Your talk yesterday penetrated my soul.  (Because who doesn't love a compliment?)
2.  Your ministry is about tearing down walls.
3.  God is going to open doors you didn't even know existed.



For the past two weeks, these words have been floating in and out of my mind.  I think about the passion that God has given me to create a community of women where we are not afraid to open the door to vulnerability with God and with each other.  I've been thinking about how opening doors and tearing down walls are both about eliminating barriers between us and God, and/or allowing Him to remove barriers that exist in our relationships here on this earth.

Hence, the new tagline.  Finding Heaven...opening doors to grace.  

Finding God, finding sanctuary, finding sabbath, finding heaven requires us to open the doors of our hearts.  Doors we have kept closed and locked and hidden.  And yet, they are doors that lead to grace.  So often, we keep the walls in place and the doors closed because if they fall, if they open, we might lose control.  We might be confronted with things that we do not want to see.  But if we come to the realization that on the other side, we will fall on the sweet relief of the grace of Jesus, perhaps opening the door or tearing down the wall isn't as scary as we thought it would be.

The walls don't have to protect us.  Jesus does.
We don't have to be in control at every turn.  Jesus is.
We don't have to shut out, shut down, or hide away that which we don't want anyone to see. Jesus is bigger than the biggest secret.  He's stronger than the strongest stronghold.  He's more merciful than you can imagine.

Will you fall through the door that leads to grace?  


  1. Love the new tagline, Jen!

  2. I adore the new tagline and the whole direction He has your path going.



  3. What a calling, Jen, what a calling! A message we so need to hear over and over again.

  4. So often we think the walls that surround us are protecting us, keeping us safe, when in reality they are holding us prisoner...prisoner to the past, prisoner to our fears, prisoner to everything and everyone that would keep us from freedom in Christ. Opening doors to beautiful. May this be the burden of our heart....setting the captives free!

  5. Love it! Can't wait to see where your journey leads you.

  6. What a blessing and what a commission! His grace is right here, waiting for us, inviting us to be with him and to trust him. That's something to celebrate, for sure! :)

  7. I know that I already have...tumbling down and down. And you know this girl is all about tearing down
    Perhaps why I was so drawn to you from the beginning?:) Grace and peace to you ya

  8. Love the new tag line, friend :) I, too, am discovering doors of grace and purposing to walk through...

  9. Oh Jen, I love this! "Will you fall through the door that leads to grace?" I don't have to protect myself, that's what Jesus does. I want to fling wide the doors of my heart and let grace pour in.

  10. The tag line is very open and welcoming. And I love the words that were spoken to you about what God will do. Sweet.


  11. Amen Jen. So thankful for those sweet words spoken to you. What a beautiful picture-walls and doors. And this was wonderfully written. So excited to see what doors will be opened for you. Blessings!

  12. "eliminating barriers between us and God, and/or allowing Him to remove barriers that exist in our relationships"...what a wondrous calling...and oh how you will draw ever closer to Him as you walk in this.

  13. Thank you, Jen. I know I try to protect myself far too much and just need to rely on Him and trust in HIm.

  14. Hi Jen - I think when you get a direct word from the Lord, it must be one of the most awesome moments in a person's life. God bless you on your journey as He leads you to touch lives.

  15. I love the tagline...and your posts do that for me...make me think and crash through walls I didn't know I had...Thank you for your're a brave chica!!

  16. Love this - such a comforting thought to open a door to grace.

  17. What a challenging tagline. Opening doors to grace. Made my heart melt. Already God is using you to do just that.

    I hope you Tuesday is crowned with peace.

  18. Jen:
    I am so glad you were encouraged. I know my blog has taken a turn I didn't expect or desire with the hard questions and controversy. I wish God was calling me to open doors of grace, but instead it seems He is calling me to open doors of controversy and thought. YUCK! So, at least for the time being, I won't be including my link, because it really doesn't include your scope...I'll still come by to read your lovely encouraging words...

  19. Praising God... Jesus is our all in all.

  20. Thank you, Jen, for allowing God to use you in many ways. The last paragraph really touches me and I needed those words. I am copying it into my journal.
    May your day be showered with the Lord's blessings, ~ linda

  21. wanted you to know that i've had this thought a lot lately, and i had it again today in response to your post: you are brave. fleeing from self-protection takes courage and you have it. thank you for leading us.

  22. This is beautiful and powerful! I love the new tagline.

  23. I really like you, Jen! So good when we, this sister community online, can be real. Show our good parts and the parts that are ugly, too-because we all have them. I think your facilitator was right; God is going to open doors you didn't even know existed. Praying you will step through them in courage and in Truth!

  24. I love this concept! Thank you for being obedient when God spoke to you! I have had similar revelation since attending She Speaks 2011. God is so good! I long for a sisterhood where I can be myself...the me He made me to be. So excited to link with you!

  25. Oh Jen, this is wonderful. No only breaking down walls and barriers between us, but breaking down our own walls - becoming vulnerable - allowing Jesus to work in us and through us.

    Love this!


  26. love the new tagline, may God continue to bless you.

  27. Oh, I believe in this message...I do, I do, I do. In that last paragraph you have your mission, and you know what's funny. I really feel as if there is so much grace and support in this community...with the silly and with the serious.

    ps yep, I like it without the "the"

    pss I'm so sad. I've only visited like two people, and I'm only allowing myself 10 more minutes of blogging...sigh.

    psss hope you are well, my friend.

  28. Jen- I loved this post. Thank you for sharing your heart. I have to say since coming back from She speaks this blog community has been one of the biggest blessings to me of being back. I appreciate your heart so much. I am praying for God to show me the walls I have up-- and the doors He is opening. I am asking for some prayer to.. i am in need of some financial miracles this week. Thanks guys . Blessings

  29. God is good and faithful...praying for your journey my friend.So happy to catch up with you!
    xoBlessings, jill

  30. I think the tagline is perfect, and I love the word that you received to encourage you in your ministry.

  31. Hi Jen.. this is my first time linking up. I've been thinking alot about doors myself.. wondering what doors are going to open for my daughter who just graduated and the one who is heading back, all broken-hearted to university. I had almost the same talk with her about how because I love her I have to set her free to take advantage of the places God has opened doors for her.. its not easy but we can't keep them in cotton wool (or walls as you say).

    Thank you for this wonderful post.. much food for thought.

    God bless!


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