Friday, September 2, 2011

5 Minute Friday: Rest

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I laugh.

Of course the word would be rest today.  Of course, because that is what my entire week has been about. Well, rest has been the theme, but...

It's been a battle.

Not because I've had too many roads to travel, too many things on my plate, too many people to see, or too many places to go.

No, you see, I've had very little.

But with this theme of rest that He has been urging me to digest and make an intrinsic part of my life, I've been battling against it because rest means I am not working.

For so long working has meant worthy.

It's hard to lay down this false sense of self-worth.  It's hard to give up an identity that is driven on being needed, being busy.

It's hard to give up dependence upon worldly perception of me.

But in the stillness, as I glue myself to my chair, set the timer, and tell myself that I simply cannot move until the timer dings (sounds a bit insane, yes?), I hear His voice.

For you to not rest during this season, Jen, is for you to walk in disobedience.  It is the same thing as if I told you to go out and teach a class or talk to a stranger or stop and play with your kids and you did not do it.  If you want to walk in obedience, you will take My Rest and receive it as a gift.

And because God knows my heart and He knows that I just HATE to walk in disobedience (I am a pleaser, no?), I realize that I must be faithful to whatever His call may be.

Even if that means resting.


  1. Enjoy the rest...He tells you rest, because He loves you! I keep meaning to join in to 5min Fri. but I forget until I have already posted something else! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. So I can see I'm not alone -- "It's hard to give up an identity that is driven on being needed, being busy."

    Sometimes I think I'm incapable of resting...but when you put it in terms of what God actually does want for us (even stated it in the form of a command...), well, I guess it's time to pay attention!

  3. Oh, I love the dialogue between you and God! We would obey if He asked us to do, so we need to obey when He asks us not to do. Rest is a good thing. ;)

  4. beautiful.

    i love how you speak to Him, as though He were in the next seat. i crave that with Him.

  5. "For so long working has meant worthy." Wow, I so identify with this statement. Praying that God continues to support and encourage your rest.

  6. Working = worthy...good line. Also, I love that chair. The picture is perfect for this post, and that chair is perfect for my house.

  7. Good comment: "It's hard to give up dependence upon worldly perception of me."

    I wonder how much is ego and how much is habit. I know I function so much out of habit due to my busyness that I ignore the important in life just to get things done and that often does not include rest. good points, Jen

  8. When I read... "For so long working has meant worthy." I immediately thought... Not working means opportunity. For what? I don't know... but God will surely show you as you "rest" in Him, He will lead :) Blessings!

  9. Jen, I can really relate to your post. I resigned from my job a few months back and I know the battle of which you speak. Rest never cheers, "good job!" I've found my perception of worth has taken a hit too. Thanks for reminding me it's a gift. Great post...much needed encouragement! Thank you!

  10. Oh, so well done, Jen! You and I responded to this prompt in very similar ways today. I can SO relate. :>)

  11. I often feel guily when I am not doing. It's so hard for me to sit and be still. Rest does not come easy for me.

  12. Great words, Jen! And we often do fall into this trap, "For so long working has meant worthy."
    But God doesn't require us to "do" anything to take part in his rest. Have a great weekend!

  13. I echo what othes have said: "For so long working has meant worthy."
    We can be such harsh judges of ourselves, and attribute false meaning to doing or not doing something.

    Heidi hit it on the head when she said "Not working means opportunity". When we rest in prayer, and listen, we just don't know what opportunity, awareness, solution or idea will present itself. As Psalm 46:10 starts: "Be still, and know that I am God".

    Thanks for the wise words.

  14. Oh, yes, I get this: "For so long working has meant worthy." And thank you, thank you for reminding me of this truth again: "If you want to walk in obedience, you will take My Rest and receive it as a gift."


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