Friday, September 9, 2011

Questions Pour Vous and Some Randomness...

I'm being random today, frankly because I'm getting a wee bit tired of my bleeding heart.  In other words, I'm just going to ramble...oh, and ask you some questions...
Random picture of the week:  Mexican Free-Tailed Bats heading out from under the Congress St. Bridge

1.  I'm going to a party tonight!  This is exciting for my husband because then he might see me with my hair actually done, makeup on my face, and in clothes other than those meant for running.  Does anyone else get so excited about showering?

2.  My child did her homework with no arguing yesterday and even did two extra rows of math facts this morning.  Could the tide be turning??

3.  My new class starts on Monday!!  I'll be teaching at my church about hearing God's voice.  Here is my question:  If you were coming to my class and you knew there would be door prizes, what kind of prizes would you like to win?

4.  You know what?  Why should my face-to-face peeps get all the fun?  Perhaps we should have a GIVEAWAY at Finding Heaven?  What would you like to win??

5.  Dear readers, please keep in mind that the author of this blog is on a limited budget, so I will have to decline any requests for Ferraris and beach vacation homes.  (Find me a blog where these types of giveaways happen and then maybe we can work together to win over there!)
Ferrari Pictures, Images and Photos
6.  Nate is in the Gulf of Mexico, but I'm trusting IN God, not Nate, to bring rain.
photo source
7.  The prayers of children must just melt the Father's heart.

8.  How will you encourage someone today? Has someone been on your heart and you just haven't reached out yet?  Today is the day.
photo source
9.  Sometimes the chores you hate the most end up bringing the most satisfaction.  I washed windows yesterday and every time I look out of a clean one (because I didn't' do them all), I just smile.  Bye-bye grime!

10.  Y'all are SUCH the blessing to me.  Thank you for your incredible friendship!

Wait!  One more thing...My friend Melanie is doing a new series on womanhood.  She has a poll on her blog going right now about what YOU would like to see in the series.  Would you take a moment to go vote?  You can find her by clicking here.  The poll is on the top right under her header.

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  1. this post was a boost for me this morning.

    bless you for your coffee-free caffeination.

  2. Fun post!
    Yes, I love to have a reason to get dolled up.
    And ummm, a giveaway... I always love book giveaways. Just my two cents.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Jen, I've only "known" you are short time, but I really feel a connection with you. You speak my language! ;) I love your randomness today. As for the prize, I love books about growing with God. Jewelry is also nice or a trip to a spa - just saying. lol Many blessings!

  4. Ah, #8, God's trying to get my attention! I wrote about that one myself today. Have fun at the party!

  5. I really like this post! As for door prizes for your class, I think something along the lines of hearing God's voice is perfect. Like a nice pen, journal, bookmark for their Bible, etc. I hope the class goes well.

  6. When my kids were young, my shower was my happy place. Sometimes I took extra long showers just to enjoy the peace and solitude. Been praying for you and your fellow Texans--my church prayed for rain for you at our Wednesday night prayer meeting. Also, I've been cleaning out desk drawers and files (and unearthing some real treasures). Yep, such satisfaction in cleaning! Blessings to you this weekend, friend!

  7. always you touch upon the thoughts that so many of us go through.

    I pray that your class is a success my friend! :)

    maria b.

  8. I like random. . . and enjoy the time with your sweetie.


  9. I like your no. 4! But no, you're so far away from here. Maybe you could ever write a blog about it! Yes?

  10. This post just makes me happy :) Just had to tell you that!


  11. Love your randomness Jen :) Honestly, I'd come to that class without a door prize! But, to answer your question... I think journals, devotionals, gift cards to Starbucks... or the Christian book store. I'm wondering if the tide is turning at our house with math too... my oldest had a great week for a change! Blessings, happy weekend!

  12. Ok, so glad you asked I have a lot to say:

    1. Love to shower and block out the world. Plus, I get rocking ideas in the shower. Most of the time I forget them somewhere between the shampoo and conditioner.

    2.Congrats on battle free homework. The tide always turns, but it will turn back soon. Don't worry.

    3. Prizes. I like prizes, but I don't like junk. A book I just might fly to Texas if you were giving away a book card.

    4.Yes, you should do a give away here because as I stated in #3, I like prizes. Now, here's an idea for you....drum roll, you should give away a piece of your art. I will enter often. Let me know if you need my address so you know where to send the prize.

    5. Love you girl, and oh, my husband doesn't exactly like dancing on our porch...or outside of the car a church in the rain, or outside of the car when we go to the mall. I do enjoy the activity though.

    Have a great weekend.

  13. Great randomness. Sometimes it's just what the readers need, too. Food for thought, food for fun and food for joy.

  14. I know why you have been under attack now: because God is preparing you for this class. I am preparing to teach our ladies in Jan and Feb and have really been feeling it. So, today I commit to lifting you up in light of what God is going to do through you in the next few weeks. Stand strong, stand firm!

  15. Wow. Let's see...
    1. Showering is indeed a lovely thing, especially if I have a few extra minutes to stand under hot water. Good ideas hit in the shower - something metaphorical about getting clean and fresh ideas.
    2. All tides turn eventually...
    3. Chocolate. It's that simple. Cheesecake if you'll meet me down at the Aboretum. (hint)
    4. See #3
    5. Yes, let's team up and see what kinds of things we can win.
    6. Oh Gracious Father, our land and hearts are parched and burning. Please bring rain.
    7. Prayers of children melt my heart too. A good friend's 9-year-old prayed for God to make sure that Mom got to heaven okay. When Mom passed and the 9-year-old had to be told, instead of crying, she grinned and asked, "Did she make it to Heaven okay?" Goosebumps writing that.
    8. I'm glad you told me that today is the day. I'll make a phone call in a few minutes.
    9. Not doing windows today, but there is some cleaning in order.
    10. See hint in #3. ;)

  16. love the list. and door prizes? chocolate! and, do you notice, that i am actually commenting on your blog? think i fixed my problem. a google issue. imagine that.

  17. Love your random blog post! Door prize? How about an autumnal candle or soap? Or maybe a devotional, or something home made.....

  18. Jen.. i just love your post.. I especially loved your random post.. and I love the community that I have found here.. did i mention that.. it makes me come alive :-) I love the class that you are going to teach.. wish I could come :-) as for door prizes.. a piece of your art :-)

  19. Jen, this was such a funny post. I was laughing on question #1 and yes I DO get excited sometimes about showering!


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