Monday, September 19, 2011

When Rain Falls and Soli Deo Gloria Party

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It didn't come down hard.  It didn't come down for very long.  The rivers didn't quicken their pace.  It didn't fill the lakes and send the sometimes islands back to their depths.

But it came.

The clouds opened and down came rain.  The air smelled of clean.  The sidewalk chalk the has graced the driveway for many months, the same tic-tac-toe boards that have greeted us since June, started to lose their straight lines.  The "X"s bled into the "O"s.  The children danced with glee and praised God for what we received.

And I am grateful.

It wasn't enough to ease our drought, but I'm trusting God that He truly gives us what we need and that when we don't feel that our  needs have been met, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate what we thought we needed in the first place.  Maybe.  I'm still digesting that one in relation to the rain.

"Is God enough?" was my message today in my class.  You see, I asked everyone to write down what most scared them about hearing God's voice.  The resounding answer was that God would ask them to either do something they didn't want to do or that they would be pushed outside their comfort zone.  Which, in other words, begs the question:  Is God enough?  Is God enough to make up my lack?  Is God enough to give me courage, wisdom, love?  Is God enough to fill the empty places in me if I surrendered something I hold dear?  Is God enough for me?

When God calls, we often ask "Why?"  Why me, why this, why now?  When Jesus asks the Samaritan woman for a drink at the well (see John 4), she cannot see the fullness of the man in front of her, she cannot get beyond the confusion of why a Jew would be asking a woman, much less a Samaritan woman, for a drink, and so she asks, "Why are you asking me for a drink?"  Why me?

And Jesus replies to her, "If you only knew the gift God has for you and who you are speaking to, you would ask me, and I would give you living water."

When the tasks that He has given us seem daunting,
when they call us out of our comfort zone,
when He asks us to believe something that is seemingly impossible in this world,
when He gives us a job for which we feel ill-equipped,

perhaps it is simply a gift from the most amazing Giver.

A gift of living water, of Godly empowerment, of a love that transcends our limited understanding.  In order to know, really know for ourselves, if He is enough, we have to empty ourselves so we have room for Him to show us that He is enough.

He doesn't expect us to do things on our own.  He desires us to draw near to Him.  You see, He wants us to ask so that He might give.

He is a giver.  And I'm thinking, if we come at this with the right perspective, He always gives enough.

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  1. wish i could come to your class! great message, jen. and so glad you got at least some rain.

  2. What a wonderful post, Jen. I love how God works and how--if He calls us--He equips us. Every time. Later, we look back and wonder: why did I hesitate?

  3. Oh, it rained, it happy.

    Yes, I totally want to go to your class. I would sit in the front row and answer every question.

    Anyway, I'm back and a bit early too!

  4. Wow, Jen, I SO needed to read this today. I am burdened by the job God has given me to do this year. And yet, He confirms to me constantly that I'm in the right place. He will give me just what I need to accomplish His will. Thank you for the reminder.

  5. Yes, yes, yes it rained! I thanked God for falling asleep last night to the sound of rain and thunder. And while it is not enough to relieve the drought, I am thankful for every drop.

    I love your message. God has used this drought to teach me so much about depending upon Him. I too would like to be in your class!

  6. Oh praise God for the rain!

    I believe this was my all time favorite post of yours. So beautiful. I needed to hear this today.


  7. I love this message, Jen. You hit on one of my fears: that God will ask me to do something that is too big for me. But hasn't everything been too big so far? Yes. And if he's always been enough in the past, won't he be enough in the future?

    Beautiful. Thanks.

  8. Yes, with His perspective, He's always enough and so are His gifts. Just what he wants us to have--because of His love!

  9. You are so right: he always gives us enough to do what he asks of us. Beautiful!

  10. This is an amazing beautiful to hear your passion and know that you are pouring this into your class! What a confirmation Jen...honestly, you are on the right excited with what He will do as you seek Him!

    And, yes, RAIN...sweet, sweet rain...hallelujah!!!

    love to you, friend! Abby:}

  11. Hi Jen - firstly seeing your girls in the rain reminded me of when I was their age. I love playing in the rain. Secondly, I am learning that God IS enough. Great post as always
    God bless

  12. So true. His voice such a gift. The willingness to hear and respond....possibly even a greater gift. Bless you this day! ~ jen

  13. Good and timely word, Jen. Thank you always for encouraging...

  14. I want my life to prove that He is more than enough for me, and my actions to prove that I believe it.

  15. Oh Jen, so many good points in this post. We fear that God is not enough; sometimes when it seems that God isn't meeting our needs, we need to re-evaluate if it really is a need; and we need to empty ourselves of us so God can fill us up with Him and prove He is more than enough. Great encouragement! Thanks, Jen!

  16. lovely post. i too struggle with that being afraid of what God will ask, and it goes hand in hand with the discipline of gratitude for me to trust that what God gives is what i need. constant choice.

    we are still thirsty for rain and an end to the drought, too, but the weekend's rain was that much more appreciated for its scarcity of late. God bring us the rain we need, the right amount at the right time.

  17. Thanks for hosting! I really needed to read that today. I recently told a friend I know God does what is good, but I still get scared because I know what he does often hurts, or is hard, or takes me out of my comfort your post was helpful to me.

  18. Very nice interpretation and application of John 4, woman at the well. I can really hang on to that.

    By the way, sorry about 3 links to my site this week. The Linky thingy didn't seem to be working so I did it 3 times...

  19. Thanks for reminding me Jen that God is enough. Not matter the circumstance HE will always take care of me. I needed that tonight!

  20. Ask that He might give -- I love that.

    So happy you were gifted rain!

  21. I think He usually calls us to a task that is not possible without His intervention so that we are at the place of being dependent on Him...and that is always the best place to be at!

  22. Yeah. The fear of failing. The fear of sticking my neck out. Come to think of it, it's mostly about pride and lack of trust. Ugly words... But it's so difficult to trust after having been let down so many times. And after having failed so many times. And as they say, pride is all one has left. Or is it?

    Praying that you could truly be (continue to be) a channel from God's heart to the people in your class. I know this challenge has already blessed me loads and it's only my second time with you.

  23. Oh yes, everything is a gift, a blessing. God comes in many guises, and most of the time, the world's eyes don't recognize Him!

  24. '... He wants us to ask so that He can give.' What a wonderful reminder Jen - thank you!


    i meant to link up this week with the above post, but for some reason, my linky would not go through and then my tired mind faded away.

    this entire concept of waiting on Him, asking Him for things in faith, holding on to that knowledge, has been such a test on me in recent days. but i am learning. slowly.

    Jen, you bless me daily, dear one.


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