Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When You Stand Accused

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When the accusations fly, a flaming arrow meant for the heart,
when it pierces you
and breaks you
and rips what you have built to shreds,
when the voice of the Accuser magnifies
each burning word,
and fire glows and grows with such 
burning intensity,
that you wonder if you will ever, ever
escape its fiery tentacles.

Over and over
and over again,
when you think you've found peace,
perhaps you've sought forgiveness,
or perhaps none was required,
and you have pledged to drown out,
to squash, to quell,
that red hot furnace,
and then before you turn around,
you see a smolder
and before you know it,
the voice has taken over the new life
that had broken through the ashes.

You are not enough.
You are not giving enough.
You will never be enough.
Why can't you...?
You should have...

The smoke starts to obscure the truth even more
as I acquiesce to these accusations,
as I begin to consider,
to weigh, 
to pick apart,
and then, before I know it,
life has been choked out,
and my spirit is dying...

My hope is that He will rescue me
from this trap,
that He will grab my hand
and that we will race toward
fresh breath,
living water,
freedom and love,
far away from this accuser.
That the magnified voice would be 
His and His alone.

I am running...

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  1. I am running to the Voice of Truth. May I only hear His Words of Life to me. Beautifully written, Jen!

  2. running with you...

    lovely poem. may His voice draw you further and further in to the secret place...

  3. Beautiful! I'm running too...sometimes it's a race that must be run every single second.

  4. A really neat thing is that I felt such intensity as I was reading, that I was running. And then your last line stated it "I am running."

    Your poetry is very moving, Jen! Beautiful.

  5. This is just so beautiful! I prayed and cried through Psalm 31 today... I can hardly believe how this goes right along with it. The Lord IS SO GOOD!

  6. Keep running, my sweet friend. I know how you feel. Yesterday the accuser about did me in. We have to keep seeking the voice of truth.

  7. powerful words, Jen... Thank you for sharing your gift, my friend.

  8. thanks for stopping is powerful...paints a beautiful picture of the battle between the Truth we know and the lies that come to steal,kill and destroy.

  9. Such power in this, my friend! Nothing like exposing the accuser for who he is...and dousing him in a healthy dose of truth! Keep up the good fight, dear one! Blessings ~ jen

  10. Powerful stuff, friend.Praying the smoke leaves the truth alone.

  11. smiles...i know he is right there even in those moments with you...the truth will shine through...

  12. same old enemy, same old lies...these are the very same things he tries on me. Thank God for Truth to fight the lies!

  13. Thank beautiful and I've been there....and even struggle sometimes daily. God bless!

  14. Beautiful and powerful - thank you! We all run together.

  15. Yes. Yeah. I get this. I'm in tears reading it and knowing this so well. Running with you. Let's get some fresh air.

  16. I just had a discussion with a friend that rings of this.
    Thanks as always for sharing from the heart. This girl appreciates it.

  17. you know I know this wrote it well. I felt it. beautiful Jen. He is the only place to find peace. I find myself not wanting to leave those times when He grabs me

  18. his, and his alone.... how i needed this today. thank you dear jen. you are such a gift. know this, friend. xo

  19. I loved this and it connected with the lies that I shared in writing about fear...aren't poems amazing how they bring out the raw and real--I love it and you!


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