Monday, September 12, 2011

Yes, This is Me & Soli Deo Gloria Party

Welcome to Soli Deo Gloria.  This is a place to share what is on your mind.  It is a place where vulnerability is accepted, where heart cries are honored, where struggles are heard.  It is a place where we are unconcerned with the quality of your words, but about the state of your heart.  We are a community of women that seek to encourage, support, love each other with our words.  There is laughter.  There are tears.  There is everything in between.  No matter where you are, who you are, where you have been, I want you to know that you are in the fold and that as you leave your link, you are prayed for.  Desire more information?  Please click here for the full scoop.  

This is a growing community (Thank you, Jesus!), so please don't feel that you have to visit every single person that links up.  We are all on a time budget.  That being said, I do invite you to pray and ask God which blogs to visit simply because there may be words for you left in that place or words that God has given you to share to those specific people.  And, while you are there, as you write in the comments of another's blog, would you offer up a prayer for them?  (If you would like to be on the email list for reminders and prayer requests, please let me know in the comments.)

And here I am -- the next internet sensation -- with my first vlog...(if you are getting this via email, you'll have to come to my blog on the web to see the video) Also, if the sound & video are not matching up, try refreshing the page, or click here to view it on YouTube.
So, um, note to self:  Do not turn head to the side that seems currently infiltrated with the pimples that should have gone away in high school.

A quick review if you didn't have time to watch for the pimples the whole vlog...

I would like to give you a gift just because I'm honored that you are here at Finding Heaven and/or a part of the Soli Deo Gloria community.  God loves us lavishly and I am spreading the love...

The prizes (you can see the actual prizes by viewing the pimples vlog):
1.  A bracelet
2.  A journal.
3. A (gulp) piece of my original artwork.  (And if you win this but don't want it, you can TOTALLY tell me and I'll substitute another prize).  If you do win the artwork AND you want it, you can either pick the scripture verse that you want as the inspiration for the piece OR I can pray about it and come up with something with the Holy Spirit.  Either way.

You can win by:
1.  Linking up your blog for Soli Deo Gloria (link open through Wednesday night at 11:59pm, central.
2.  Leaving a comment.  But if you mention the pimples, you are automatically disqualified.  Just kidding!  Kind of.

I will pick the random winners on Thursday morning!  By the way, you'll want to be here Thursday anyway because Shelly will be guest posting about her journey to nourishment.

Also, linking with Shanda today.


  1. I like this venue - vlog! And please who cares about the pimples (dear, welcome to our world!)

    maria b.

  2. you look so adorable.

    and if i win that art piece, i would display it on my wall with oh, so much honour.

    you are a gem, dearest.

  3. you are just so adorable:) And I didn't see any pimples?! Anyway, lovve what you are doing in your church and if you are able to lead one person closer to Jesus...then you have done your job.
    Peace and joy to your journey!

  4. I don't see any pimples!!! BTW, it is just coming across as a photo. Maybe it is just me. I'll try to reload because I really want to see and hear you :)
    the bad part about having our hop on the same day is I have to find another post. don't have one yet so will be back.

  5. oh, jen SO glad you are giving away art work. i love it very much! a big step, i know. proud of you!

  6. Love you, love that you were brave and stepped out with your speaking, your class, and your faith in creating this community for us. Thank you, Jen.

    Now, I'm on a blogging break, but I just wanted to bounce over because I needed to see your first vlog. I thought people would like you even more if they got a peek at you in real-life, and look, I was right! Shocking.

  7. Very fun to see you and hear your voice. It is one thing I don't like about blogging . . . I like to hear a voice.

    I hope you vlog again.


  8. Jen, you are beautiful! I had to kind of laugh because you said in your vlog that you are learning to be content in all circumstances, yet in your blog you keep mentioning your pimples - which I did NOT see, btw. :) You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Remember that. Anyway, I'm super excited about your giveaway. Pick me, Pick me! lol

  9. I wish I had a group like yours near me. Well, I guess I should look harder because there really must be one. It's been a stressful year and while I keep looking for the path and the reasons He's put me on them, lately they have been so much more difficult to understand. Thanks for hosting and sharing.

  10. You sound just like I pictured you - vivacious, lovely, filled with His Spirit and His Word.

    Being grateful and satisfied with what you do all comes from Him. Because You do focus on Him Jen, and that is what is important. The number are not important in the scheme of things. He is bringing the ladies that need to Hear the message that you are sharing, and that in itself is such a be able to share His wonderful Words with others.

    I have truly enjoyed seeing you on screen and hearing your voice - thanks for this.


  11. Jen...I loved it! I felt like we were back at She Speaks sitting across the table from one another :) I'm so glad you did this, because this is one of the things on my list to conquer. I actually have about 4 already recorded, but not brave enought just yet to let anyone else see them. You continue to inspire me :) You sounded and lookded great! And I look forward to guesting posting Thursday...yay!

  12. Goosebumps, Jen. I came over to read your post and to link up and I see this sentence: "It is a place where we are unconcerned with the quality of your words, but about the state of your heart." The post I wrote last night, but saved to publish starting with the soli deo gloria party, is titled "The State Of My Heart". Hmmm... must be something working here...

  13. Oh how fun to hear your voice! Great job. I love your heart for the Lord. Thanks for sharing.


  14. Just love your vlog! Way to go! Keep up the great work! ~ jen

  15. Pimples? What pimples? Love the idea of a vlog.

    Jen - your email last week encouraged me so much. While I haven't "fasted" from the weather channel, I have come to realize I was putting more trust in the forecast than in the One who is in control of everything. Thanks be to Him, the number of fires has decreased significantly.

    My heart is much lighter, since leaving these concerns at the foot of the cross. (And by the way, there is some rain in the forecast.) :)

  16. I said this summer I was going to try this...but never got around to it! Love hearing your voice and seeing your smile in action.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. You are so cute! Good job on your first vlog... I think you're so brave :)

  19. you are lovely! Thanks for the whole vlog example - what a leap! And you make it look easy! I loved every minute of it and never noticed any blemishes whatsoever (seriously!!).

  20. Very sweet, you brave lady! Love seeing your gorgeous smile :)

  21. It was nice to hear your happy voice again and see your smiling face. :) I came to that same realization with attendance when I started leading studies. Numbers don't matter. God knows EXACTLY who needs to be there!

  22. Good for you for trying and succeeding with a vlog.! And love how you write about your pimple. Made me smile!

  23. LOVE the vlog!!!! It's making me want to do another one - I have taken some time off of vlogging as of late but you have given me some extra motivation, girl!

    The theme verse for MOPS this year is 2 Timothy 1:7: God doesn't want us to be shy with His gifts but BOLD, and LOVING, and SENSIBLE. (The Message)

    Isn't that a wonderful translation? I love how bold, loving, and sensible are used. It really comes down to those three qualities in our walk with Him?

    I love watching you be bold, loving, and sensible on this journey, Jen.

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  24. Great vlog. Keep on sharing your heart. FYI The sound and video were not going at the same time on my end, but I still could see and hear you. I'm part of the WINGS group. I believe that is how I clicked to your blog. :) Love from Colorado, Tiffany

  25. Oh! how fun! I LOVED hearing your voice, btw;} Unfortunately, I couldn't get your video to match your voice--they were like 30 seconds off...oops:}

    I've missed you and thanks for being a great friend:) And, yes, I'd LOVE to be there for your class. Those ladies sure are blessed to have you right there! xoxo

  26. I love that you vlogged! I want to, but I feel it's so much more vulnerable than words so I've been too chicken. Maybe one day when I'm looking especially good I'll work up the courage :).

  27. It was lovely finally hearing your voice. I wish I could be in your class! It sounds wonderful. You inspire me..

  28. I'm so glad you got the vlog working and I LOVED watching and hearing. I know your ladies are in for a blessing with this class because, not only are you precious in the Lord but you are a pleasure to listen and watch. I so wish I could sit in on your class!

  29. you are seriously hysterical. i would have been scratching out the word "chins" instead of "pimples".

    have you thought about creating a blog or web page for your first class? we could tape you and vlog post each lesson and then forward it to people who couldn't make the class? just a thought....

  30. Jen you are so sweet! I love your blog. You make it real. Now I get to hear your beautiful voice. You made me look for the pimple! lol...

  31. Jenn i love it.. loved your vlog and I so wnat some of that artwork :-) what a joy! I have come to appredciate this blog and community so much.. and i want to get to meetyou jenn and be your friend in real life. ;-)

  32. I love Blogs where God is present. I need to get back here and spend more time checking out the other Blogs entered on your site. Thank you.

  33. Jen, love the vlog! I love what you are doing for ministry. I love how your link up community is growing! God is good.

    I'd love to link up this week, but got nothin'..."inspire me, Lord!" :) I hope to be back next week. Thank you for your example!

  34. Great job on your first Vlog! ...what pimples?!

  35. A comment from Cindy because she wants to win & Blogger was being temperamental (imagine that!):

    I loved your vlog! It was so great to see you again and hear firsthand about your class! And I agree with Mari, ...what pimples?! :)
    You know what I'd like to win ~ #3, of course!!!
    Love to you my sweet friend!
    Cindy :)

  36. I watched the vlog!!! You are the cutest -- I love your accent...and your enthusiasm...and your spirit! And I totally want to win your original artwork.

    Love hearing about your first She Speaks class, too -- you rock!

  37. Jen!! I'm so excited I got to see your vlog and hear your sweet voice. It was great texting with you today, too. Always love hearing from you.

    I am SO excited that you had your first She Listens event. Woohooooo!!! God is moving, girl!

    I will definitely post about the retreat. It's not until November..Veteran's Day weekend, actually. Do you think I should post as I work on it, or after it's said and done? Hmmm... :)

    Loved this!!!


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