Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Better World Facebook Review

I get addicted to word games and my husband gets addicted to war/slay the dragon/samuri type games.  To be honest, I have stayed away from even the tamer things like Farmville, etc, simply because I see how easy it is to get caught up in fantasy land and neglect the real life world we actually live in.  My kids however, are growing older and though they are still too young for a Facebook account, I want to be a type of mom who knows what's out there.  What will pull them in?  What will they be attracted to?  Will the game hold the same values as we try to uphold in my house?

When I had the opportunity to review a new Facebook game called A Better World, produced by ToonUps, I thought it would be great to dive into a fantasy world that might actually parallel with our real-world and encourage us to live out those "do-goods" off the computer as well.

The goal in A Better World is to get rewards for doing good and for helping others do good.  While I think the goal for doing good things in our house is to do them just for the sake that is the right thing to do, there does need to be some sort of tangible goal in any game.  The moral reasoning for doing good things will have to come through our family teaching/scripture anyway, so I am not opposed to the reward system in the game.  There are many areas in the game, as there are in life, in which to do good.  In addition, the game takes on a personal touch in that you can play and interact with other friends who play the game on Facebook as well.

Character Creation & Clothing Boutique

I have to be honest -- when I created my character for this game, I was a little disappointed with the lack of modest shirt options.  In addition, the standard body type given was a bit on the "perfect" side.  When/if my kids play this game, I don't want them to encounter yet another unrealistic body image.

However, when you travel to the Clothing Boutique, there are an array of modest options.  In addition, you can also choose from several cute pairs of glasses, which I love.

All Around Town:  Positive Encouragements

Fun highlights that encourage us to take initiative in our real-life communities:

  • Positive Post:  Send a message to a fellow Facebook friend in the game.
  • Arcade:  One of the games focused on recycling.  When we recycle we diminish the amount of stuff in our landfill.  Playing the game may not green up our earth, but perhaps will make us think twice about putting something in the trash next time.
  • Clothing Boutique:  Not only can you buy things for yourself, but you can also buy for someone else and leave gifts for them at their house.  Next time we are out shopping, perhaps we will pick up a little happy item for someone we know may not have had the best day instead of filling our carts with just stuff for ourselves.
  • Community Garden:  Start out virtual and by the end, you just may be excited about planting seeds in your own backyard.

To get a complete overview, you can click on the trailer below:
To find and play A Better World on Facebook, log in to Facebook and then click here.  You can also get started by clicking here to access A Better World homepage.

I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on A Better World. ToonUps provided a $50 gift card as a thank you for my participation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. interesting post, Jen! i used to be on FB, then for very specific reasons, closed my account. oh, how i vacillate. a friend and i were just talking today about how technology is definitely here to stay (duh) and the best thing we can do is prepare our kids for how to deal with it. but that means i have to deal with it, and i have to be honest--many days i wish i didn't have to!!! and FB is at the top of that list! anyway. . . as my oldest is 14, i'm sure we'll have to be making some decisions in that area in the near future. it does seem much more complicated than when my parents were raising me. then it was just a matter of getting home from playing outside before the street lights came on :-)


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