Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How He Loves Us

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Sunday morning, my little girls and I receive communion.
We are sanctified and loved and free.
And my oldest goes to her daddy,
sits in a chair behind him as he plays
the bass guitar,
her heart moved by the proximity of the drums
and the deep notes
and I pray that the words flowing around
her find a place to root in her heart.

And my youngest climbs into my lap,
back in the safety of our pew,
the crushed velvet underneath us,
and I hold her tight,
and she never complains about my singing voice,
my just clings to me tighter,
and I wonder how many years we have left do do this.

And then the words of the song,
Oh How He Loves Us,
begin to penetrate my soul,
and I wrap her more tightly,
and I pray,
Oh God, may she know...
May she understand...
May she feel...
the extent of your love,
how it  never fails,
always holds tight,
always redeems,
always offers
a hand out to us.

And I close my eyes and wrap my spirit around hers,
and I pray,
may she never find a substitute for You,
Fill her heart, Lord, may it overflow with the rush of You.
May she see how your love is different than anything
else contained in this world.
And I whisper,
Do you know, Hannah...
Do you know how much He loves you?
And she shakes her head.
And I pray...

And I whisper again,
So, so much, sweet girl.
Always and forever.
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  1. wow. beautiful.

    my tears flowed. thank you for this.

  2. Very moving. Let us pray for our children to experience His love in their hearts. How small they are - God knows them.

  3. May she never find (or try to find) a substitute for You - I love that prayer! Beautiful, Jen!

  4. Beautiful. How your love your kids is a blessing to see.

    That song? One of my most favorites. I just finished a little craft project with those words. :) So this was a wonderful reminder. Oh how He loves us. <3

  5. Oh how I am with you, it's an ache almost to have them know and pursue the love of our Father. Please Jesus, penetrate yourself on their little hearts....

  6. I cry every time we sing this song at church, Jen :) And I prayed your tender prayer for my own Hannah just now. Lovely.

  7. that song always gets me!"...may she never find a substitute for You" I am going to borrow that and pray it for myself =)

  8. Train up a child in the way he should go, and he will not depart from it. A promise. Your family sounds so beautiful.

  9. ah i absolutely love that song...the original version all the more...its the sloppy wet kiss line...ha....and what a beautiful prayer for her as well...big smiles.

  10. your heart is wonderful to me, Jen. xoxoxoxoxo c

  11. Ah, "how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ!" (Ephesians 3:18)

  12. so much tenderness in this post, such great love, friend. i wish all daughters could feel their mothers' arms around them this way, their mothers prayers wrapping tight, also. thank you for being a beautiful example for us, jen. xo

  13. I just picture GOD loving how your mommy heart wraps 'round your girl and prays deep for her. Love this song...

  14. the freedom to run to her daddy,
    the security of being held tight in the arms of her momma,
    This is the love of Christ...when we experience it as children from our parents, it makes accepting, believing and trusting HIS love so much easier as adults.

    What a beautiful prayer.....straight from a mother's heart to the throne room of heaven~

  15. coming back to read this post again. these words ring against my soul. this passion, this prayer for your little ones.

    your words are water to my heart.

  16. What a beautiful moment captured here, Jen. Makes me sigh and want to gather my boys close. I don't think they would tolerate that:) enjoy that snuggle time. Precious moments.


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